Shave Diary: 9/20/15 -9/27/15

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Shaving Articles

I was bad this week and didn’t record my shaves on the days I did them. I’ll do my best to recount them for you here. All shaves were with the Omega synthetic brush, the Feather AS-D2, and the Astra Superior Platinum blade.

1) The first shave was with the Colonel Conk’s Bay Rum. Good shave. The Astra blades are excellent. The Colonel Conk soap is harder to lather than the other soaps I have, and I feel like there’s an element of whispyness to the lather. Less creamy than the Proraso, the Arko, or the Palmolive. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t believe that I’ll buy it again. The situation my have been different if the scent were more to my liking.

2) Quick, very late night shave on Wednesday. I did my first face lather with the Palmolive cream, just squeezing a small dollop onto the brush and going straight to the face. This method worked fine, and I got a good lather up. No preshave, as it was about 2 in the morning, and I was just doing a quick shave before hitting the sack. I finished with the Rite Aide Aqua Velva clone, shaved smooth and ready to finish the work week.

3) Back to Proraso White for soap and preshave. I momentarily tried my straight razor and my Gem Bullet Tip, but both of them immediately felt way too dull for my taste. I didn’t get half way done with my right cheek before I knew I had to switch back to the AS-D2. I believe this was my 4th shave with the blade, and though it was losing just a hint of sharpness, it was still doing nicely. Proraso White lathered tonight with absolutely luxurious suds. It’s even easier to lather with the synthetic than the badger. I suppose I’m a convert to the synthetic at this point. It’s just easy, and it works.

I finished with Captain’s Choice Sandalwood, and my face is very smooth. I didn’t worry much about pickups, since it is the weekend, but there were only a few spots where even the hint of stubble remained.

Astra blades? Big thumbs up.

The Renewal blades for the Gem razor? Just too dull.

My Boker straight razor? Did not come shaving sharp, it appears, though I don’t have the equipment to further hone it. I am not sure that I want to spend hundreds of dollars on waterstones to get the razor as sharp as I want it. At least, not at this juncture. I love my Feather double edge, and I’ve found several blades that work great in it.

Up next, I’m going to try the KAI blade in the AS-D2 to see if it performs better than in the Parker, where it tore me up bad. I noticed while loading the blade that the Kai seems to have more blade exposure and more tensile resistance to bending than any other blade I’ve tried. Hmmm. We shall see how that works.

4) I did a shave with the KAI blade in the Feather razor. Supporting character was the Proraso Green. I took great care this time out, as the KAI blade had proven to be a perilous shave last time out in the Parker.

Well, good news. No blood, no wicked irritation. On the other side of the coin, not the most comfortable or reassuring shave. The slightly wider profile of the KAI blade causes greater blade exposure, turning a fairly mild razor into one that is less so.

The shave was fairly close, and no harm done, but I felt like I had to be a lot more circumspect to make this happen. Other sharp blades in the As-D2 inspire more confidence and allow me to “go for it” to some degree. I’ll give the KAI another shave to see how things progress.

Again, using the Omega synthetic brush. Finished with Renewal Aqua Velva knock off from Rite Aid.


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