Shave Update 10/11/15

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Shaving Articles

I am moving to a new format on the shaving updates, as I don’t think it’s that interesting to do a full rundown of every darned shave I perform, especially when I’ve settled into a bit of a groove in regards to products I’m using. So, this’ll be more of an overview of the last few weeks.

I’ve been using basically the same stuff I had been in past Shave Diary episodes. The Arko soap and Palmolive cream have continued to perform well, as has the Omega synthetic brush. Of course, the Proraso products remain top notch. Really, the only soap I have in rotation that I’m not over the moon about is the Colonel Conk’s Bay Rum. It isn’t bad, but it’s harder to lather, feels a little less protective, and doesn’t have quite a stong enough scent for my taste. It’s a somewhat crowded market at this point, and I don’t know if I’ll buy another puck, though it does perform admirably for the money. It just isn’t as good as Arko or Palmolive in regards to face feel, protection, or lather.

I concluded my testing of the KAI blade, and performed my test with the Gillette Nascet Stainless blade. Both did the job, and a formal review will be coming for both of those blades (With the Feather AS-D2).

After some initial over-shaving on my part, I have settled back into a more sustainable shaving rhythm, generally going every other day, with the occassional gap of two days to allow my skin to rest.

I’ve been turned around on my initially negative thoughts toward using an alum block. I have simply found that I need to rinse the alum off my face. It proves to be a bit too drying if I leave it on. If I’m going to take a shower after shaving (yeah, I do that), I’ll tend to use the alum, then an aftershave post-shower.

I haven’t picked up anything new for aftershave, but I am really enjoying the products I’ve been using: Old Spice classic, Rite Aide brand Aqua Velva clone, Captain’s Choice Sandalwood, and Thayer’s Medicated Superhazel. All recommended.

Happy Shaving,



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