Shave Update 11/12/15

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Shaving Articles

It looks like a two pass shave is the E ticket ride for the Merkur 39C slant head razor. It gets you a good shave with minimal irritation and the whole thing concludes quickly. To be specific, I do a downward, with the grain pass, then relather and do an across the grain pass going inward toward my nose on both sides, continuting this direction until below the level of the jawbone. I go downward on my neck both times. Easy peasy.

I have gone on record as having some minor qualms about the Colonel Conk soap. While I still think that it is a step behind some of the other soaps I have, getting a nice lather out of it is certainly do-able. With a little minor blooming and somewhat stern pressure on my brush, it loads fine. The one thing I’ve found is that you don’t want to rely too much on the residual slickness of this soap. If you’re going over an area again, go ahead and lay down some more soap. I imagine that this is primarily down to the soap formulation. The oil part of the mix is something that soap makers have some leeway with. Certain oils seem to leave that residual on the skin that lets you do multiple passes without lathering again, others don’t. For me, I’d rather have the soap as slick and protective as possible. Up to the point, of course, that it is hard to rinse clean or that it clogs the razor. Too much of a good thing and so on.

In any case, I’ll probably be working the 39C into my shaving rotation with some frequency. In order to use it down and make room for other soaps, I’ll likely be using the Colonel Conk Bay Rum soap some, as well. Probably not on the blade tests as much, as I feel like it puts the blade at something of a disadvantage when compared to the other soaps I have.

Looking forward to the next shave with the Treet blade. I hope that it holds up well and yields three good shaves at the initial level of performance. I don’t start any test hoping to have bad things to say about a product. Why? Well, it means I didn’t have a great shave during the test. Bad products often lead to a bleeding face. Contrary to some of the evidence, that’s not my preference. I am willing to risk a bloody face in the name of great science, however. Also, the more useful, well made products I can report, the healthier the traditional shaving business feels. So it’s basically selfish on my part. Not to say I won’t grouse about something that doesn’t work. If I can help a few people find their way to “the good stuff” without having the buy and try as many products, great.


Well, things became chaotic this week, and so I stayed with the 39C razor. I was very pleased with the results of the maintenance shaves I was doing with that razor. Looks like the Personna blade is good for three or four shaves with the slant before it becomes a little rough. I have figured out all my various soaps, such that I can get a good lather with any of them. Some are just a little easier than others.

My last shave of the week was going back to the AS-D2 with the Treet blade. Another good shave, very close after three passes, with no blood or unnecessarily abrated skin. So, all is well.


Moving on a pace, I did the last test shave with the Treet blade. I was pleased with its performance all through the test shaves. From here, I’ll be going back to the Merkur 39c for a few shaves, then testing another blade. Not sure which one. I’m starting to run shy of the test blades that I’m interested in at this point. I may need to buy another sample pack.

And that’s it for this update.


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