A great moisturizer: Coconut Oil

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Shaving Articles

I have never been someone to give a great deal of thought to moisturizing my skin. In this, I have essentially used whatever was around, when I needed to because my skin was all powdery and gross. Like a dude would do.

Beginning to get into “the wet shaving game” as it were, I learned some stuff about ingredients that were possibly harmful, and had fallen out of vogue with the cognoscenti. Parabens, for instance. I learned that, sometimes paying a few bucks more, and spending a few more minutes looking at the ingredient list for a product, can make a lot of difference.

I’d picked up some moisturizer from “Every Man Jack” a while ago, and sort of liked it. I didn’t feel, however, that its effects lasted that long. It was a momentary fix, but without using the stuff every day or two, back to the old powdery and gross situation. Now, I’d been using, on and off, either a vitamin E lotion, or this stuff called Hydrophor Ointment. I believe the Hydrophor stuff is actually a prescription treatment. They sent it home with my dad for dry skin when he was sick. It’s basically Vaseline, with Lanolin and a few other ingredients mixed in. It works, but it’s got all the negative problems that Vaseline does, like hanging around forever on your skin, being sticky, etc.

During the winter here in Utah, the air gets pretty dry, and I tend to take a lot of showers, so skin dryness is the order of the day. I was poking around a while back, and found a product from NatureWell called Extra Virgin Coconut Oil moisturizing cream. To skip to the end, it’s the cat’s whiskers. Good stuff.

The cream features vitamins A, E, and C, as well as some other excellent oils, like Grape Seed oil, and Macadamia nut oil. You’ve got glycerin and a few other active ingredients in there as well.

It goes on smoothly, and doesn’t leave much greasy residue. I also find that it works well as a beard conditioner on the old goatee. The cream typically keeps my skin hydrated with one or two applications a week, which is nice, because I am not that enthusiastic about having to use a moisturizer every day. Too lazy.

Anyway, the only negative with this stuff, if it can be said to be negative, is that you will walk around smelling a bit like coconut. I believe that this is probably something that would be difficult to mitigate. Coconuts gotta smell like coconuts, as they say.

In any case, that’s a lot of bloviating about skin care products, and all I had to say, so cheers. Happy epidermis day to all.

  1. Homie says:

    I shall have to try some. I need a good moisturizer, which is rediculous, because my skin is,oily to begin with but I somehow have dry spots

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