Fighting the good fight

Posted: April 22, 2016 in Workout Reports

Well, it’s been a month since I last checked in with a report of my workout progress. What’s the news? Well, mostly good, with a few predictable caveats. First, I’m still at it. Three to four days per week, as my schedule and my body’s ability to recover dictate. Second, I’m really making pretty good progress. Third, well, my body’s sometimes a punk. Here are some observations:

  1. I’m having better luck with slow, controlled movements, utilizing low reps (5) than I’ve had in the past, using higher reps. You can create similar or better intensity though a shorter rep number by just going more slowly, moving under control, and concentrating on good form. With the various creaky joints I have, this has allowed me to not be in too much pain.
  2. About pain – there’ll be some. There’s no way around it. You are going to feel it, and you’ll be uncomfortable after some workouts. Ideally, if you’re progressing carefully and methodically, you’ll spread out a lot of minor discomfort, rather than being totally incapacitated at times. Doing pretty well in this regard.
  3. Not every day will be your best day. You’ll have off days. Do what you can. Some is better than none.
  4. You’ll get wicked tired at times. I have been essentially down for the count a few times after dinner. I am not 20 years old anymore. Sometimes I “bonk” and have to take a nap that lasts all evening. Sigh.
  5. Some things progress faster than others. Some of my movements are coming along faster than others, but they’re all improving significantly. When I remember how strong my legs used to be, having to eek progress out at this pace hurts my heart, but the progress is coming. Just…at a humbling pace. These things happen when you’re sedentary for too long.
  6. Don’t expect to be what you were, not right away. Maybe not at all. We take damage as we have our adventures, and we get older. Some things may not be in the cards. Don’t close the door on your ambitions, but keep in mind that you have to work around your current circumstance, not what you once were. Also remember that we may have idealized our past a little over the years. The older we are, the better we were, right?
  7. Tend your old injuries. I was wrapped up in my back issues and my right elbow. I kind of forgot about my bum left shoulder. Thus, I ended up really messing up said shoulder. It’s just getting better now. Meanwhile, I’m probably 70 percent improved with the back issue, and I’ve generally done pretty well with my elbow.
  8. Nutrition matters. I think my mindful protein intake this time around has helped. A lot. Don’t try to get into lifting shape without decent fuel. Especially if you’re over 40.

Well, that’s about it.  More to come, probably in a few weeks or a month, when I’ve had a chance to see how the progress is going over a longer scale.



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