Shaving re-up

Posted: April 22, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Well, here’s a milestone. For the first time since I started this little hobby, I’ve actually had to re-buy stuff. Thus far, I’ve only purchased new things. Okay, I have had to buy a few additional bottles of my favorite aftershave before now, but allow me this small conceit.

So, then. The first soap I used to the nubbins turned out to be Proraso Green. This didn’t shock me that much, as I am very fond of the Proraso soap, and the green, with eucalyptus and menthol, has wonderful face feel. If my feet were held to the fire and I had to choose only one soap, I suppose the green Proraso would get the nod. Thus, I’ve purchased another tub of it. I should mention that, because the Proraso soaps are fairly soft, you don’t get as much mileage out of them as a harder soap might provide. If you want maximum shaves per ounce, and minimum cost, something like Arko is the way to go.

I was putting together a travel solution for DE shaving, and that spawned my purchase of the Merkur 34C, which I reviewed here on the site, and recommend. To go with it, I purchased another synthetic bristle Omega, this time with the “old fashioned honeycomb” chromed handle. I was already sold on the ease of use and good lathering capability. When it came in, I found that it was rather bulky, compared to my blue handled model. After using it a bit, it became clear that I should use that one as my home brush, sending the well seasoned blue Omega on the road (where it’ll see sparing use, as I don’t travel all that much currently.)

Because a man of my stripe will always find himself wanting for more Aqua Velva, I ordered a few large bottles for the larder. It has become my go-to, and is used in about 3/4ths of my shaves.

While I still have a good number of my standard Personna Blue blades kicking around, I’d burned through all of my favorites of other types. Because I’d applied a rough sort of science to my rating and reviewing of blades, I had a pretty good idea of which blades had been my favorites thus far. After ruminating, I decided to order a 100 pack of both Astra Superior Platinum and Derby Extras. The Derbys are super inexpensive, less than nine cents per blade. The Astras are less than twelve, and I think they perform so well that even the really premium blades on the market are hard pressed to best them. I’ve since tested the two blade types with the 34C razor, and both work well. The Astras are an especially good match. I’ll have to see how things go with the 39C. It does fine with the Personna blades, but it’s possible that one of the others might make a better match yet.

All this puts me in a place of abundance. Unless I am struck by a sudden desire to try new things, I’m pretty set, and I’m happy with the gear I’ve collected. I’ll check back in when I have something to review or report, but I won’t bore you with same old, same old in the meantime.




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