Razor Blade Test: Zorrik Super Platinum

Posted: June 5, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Note: Since I’ve been doing these blade reviews for a while, I’m electing to shorten them to one shave in most cases. I will still do a more thorough test with some blades, provided that they show themselves to be worthy of my sustained attention. The testing criteria stays more or less the same. I will mention if I change methodology or peripheral variables, and will do my best to make sure that none of these changes unduly disadvantages a blade being tested.

Zorrik Super Platinum

1) Sharpness: Poor
2) Comfort: Fair
3) Value: Unknown
4) Availability: Fair
5) Country of Origin: India
6) Passes “First Shave Test?: No
8) Notes: Let me be blunt. This is a dull blade, and you deserve better. I embarked upon this test with only one day of beard growth, which is somewhat unusual. I tend to want to test a blade with two days of growth, as this is a fairly normal usage pattern. Thus, this blade got it a bit easy. In lieu of my testing standard, the Proraso White, I used Palmolive classic shave cream. This should not have created any hindrance, as I’ve had long term experience with this cream, and never hand any issues with it in regard to slickness or cushion. I was careful to spin up plenty of lather, and so the razor had its best chance upon first pass across my face. It only took a few strokes down my face to know that the Zorrik was going to swing and miss. Even with a really good lather built up, light stubble, and a brand new blade, it was just not going through the hair with any efficiency.

Now, I’m no loger a rookie with a double edged razor. I sensed what I was up against, and I lightened my touch, being much more careful that I typically am. I didn’t try to force the blade through, but went at it with more finesse, trusting to the multiple passes to get the stubble off. Which they did. Eventually. More or less. With the AS-D2 razor, I am typically able to be fairly cavalier with my shaves, doing long, swift pulls down my face if I so choose. It isn’t as efficient as a slant bar, but it is a very smooth razor with the ability to knock a lot of hair down without much feel of the blade on your face. When I feel the AS-D2 slow down, skating over beard stubble, I’m not impressed.

I marked the Zorrik as “Fair” in comfort. There is a point on the sharpness scale where it doesn’t matter if the blade is “smooth” any more. If the razor slows down, and you have to either grind through the hair or take undue passes to get it off, the comfort goes out the window. I will say this: I got an acceptable shave, and I didn’t cut myself. That’s better than the worst of the performers I’ve tested, but I think that’s as much down to better technique on my part as anything. In terms of value, these blades don’t appear to be very common in the US market. On Amazon, I see them only as part of blade sampler pack. Thus, I can’t determine what kind of value they may provide. Honestly, they simply couldn’t be cheap enough for me to seriously consider. Even if they were sending me the blades for free, I’d prefer a Derby Extra at the going price. This is on the proviso of my looking for a new razor to be smooth, rather than sharp.

To sum up, I can’t see any compelling reason why you’d go out of your way to use this brand of blades. They’re at the bottom of the pack in too many criteria. If it’s all you can get a hold of, I suppose you must do your best to make them work, but they’re simply too dull for me to waste my time with.

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