Shaving Soap Review: Proraso Red

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering: Very Good
Protection: Good
Residual Slickness: Good
Scent: Strong, lingering, mostly powder and sandalwood. Very much a classic barbershop smell. This smell will hang around your bathroom for a while.
Production/Value: Good value, but it’s a soft soap, so Proraso doesn’t produce as many shaves per ounce as a harder soap (in general). Soft soaps will abrade away with the action of the shaving brush much more quickly than a hard soap, as they are not as concentrated. With a fairly large puck here, and costing only nine or ten dollars per, this is still well within the range. This goes for all the Proraso bowl soaps.

Notes: My first “real” shaving soap. Introduced me to all my learning shaves. To me, it’s a wonderful, nostalgic shave smell. The Proraso Red, and its themed preshave, are not quite as protective as the counterparts, the Green and White soaps. It’s a small difference, but it is there, at least for me. Don’t let that deter you. This is a great smelling, great performing soap that is easy to find, a good value, and is very easy to utilize.


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