Shaving Soap Review: Proraso Green

Posted: June 14, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Proraso Green

Ease of Lathering: Very Good
Protection: Very Good
Residual Slickness: Very Good
Scent: Menthol and eucalyptus. This is another classic shave scent, but a much more medicinal spin on it. Not nearly as flamboyant as scents like bay rum, sandlewood, etc. The scent isn’t terribly lingering, and shouldn’t interfere with any subsequent scents from aftershaves or colognes.
Production/Value: As with the other Proraso soft soaps, this isn’t the pinnacle of shaves per ounce efficiency. Still, this is a mass market soap that is quite reasonable in cost. You get a lot of shaves from one bowl. That said, if you wildly overload your shaving brush to the extent that lather is flying all over the room, that’ll cut into your bottom line. With any soft soap, a brush with a lot of backbone will grab up the soap pretty quickly. I tend to swirl, reverse direction, then go back to the first direction. Maybe twenty or thirty seconds at most, and the lather is overflowing the bowl.

Notes: If I had my feet held to the fire at this moment, and was told that I could only keep one soap, this would be it. Why? Because it’s very easy to lather, protects my face quite well, and the mentholated calming effect always feels nice to me. Also, because it doesn’t have a strong scent, using the Green soap allows you to go in most any direction with aftershave or cologne scents. That said, I nearly always follow the Green with another mentholated product. Because menthol. Yay! For new shavers, I would highly encourage you to try a product set that features menthol…unless you don’t tolerate it well. Why? Because the cooling sensation will help you through any discomfort that might arise when you’re first trying to learn your technique. As such, the Proraso Green pre-shave, soap, and aftershave (or a cheaper alternative, like my beloved Aqua Velva) is aces. When you’ve done something inadvisable to your epidermis, it’ll give you some relief. If you’re really in pain, remember to follow the aftershave with some moisturizer after it has had time to do its work. To minimize weird interactions, look for an unscented moisturizer product.

An aside: Now, much of the thrust of these articles is focused on traditional shaving methodologies. Safety razors and the like. Please don’t feel that you have to rush in and change everything about your shaving overnight. Rest assured that, if you want to stay with your multiblade cartridge razor, you can still dip your toe in and try a shaving cream or soap that you lather with a brush. I will guarantee you that any halfway decent soap of this kind will beat a canned shaving gel or cream ten times out of ten. They’re just slicker, better for your face, smell better…the full package. The only downside is that it takes a little longer to get the shave done, and there’s a minor amount of skill involved. Once you try lathering with a brush, though, and really get a lather working just so, I think you’ll have a hard time wanting to go back. Since I went with all these traditional methods, I’ve had absolutely no desire to use a cartridge razor again. I’ve gotten rid of all the cans of foam. I haven’t missed them a second. But hey, I may be crazy. It isn’t for everyone.


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