It Just Might Be a Shave Den Tool…

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Shaving Articles

With most hobbies, there’s an initial outlay of money to get started. There are perfectly useful bits and bobs that you need to get going. For the wet shaving game, you need the following:

-A Razor
-Some Blades
-Shave soap or cream
-A shaving brush
-Styptic Stick

Things that are nice to have:

-A stand for razor and brush
-Lathering Bowl
-Preshave prep cream/oil
-Afterhsave balm or facial moisturizer

Things you’ll end up having:

-Every blade in the known universe
-Far too many razors
-More shaving soaps than there are stars in the sky
-Aftershaves for occasions you’ll never encounter, like being named Imperator Galactus, or taking a down-at-heels supermodel to a sumo wrestling match while undercover for the British Crown
-All manner of different objects like bowls, hats, t-shirts, bandannas, and shaving-themed armored personnel carriers

Now, they’ll market all sorts of things to you, and if the shave bug bites, you may well fall for their ruse. I certainly do, more often than not. On the other hand, you might find something in your daily travels that might be perfect. It’s likely, if it’s a general purpose item, it’ll be a small fraction of the price of a hobby-specific item of similar type. Because it has a logo, or something.

An example of this, for me, is a really keen lathering bowl I found recently. Or, rather, it’s a salsa bowl that happens to be nearly perfect to lather shaving cream. It cost less than two dollars. It has a textured outside that has great grip. It’s perfectly sized, and the little riser cleats on the bottom nestle right into your hand. It’s tough to find a purpose-built shaving scuttle for less than fifteen dollars. Some are well more than thirty. They’re prettier. They meet with His Lordship’s approval. They probably don’t work any better than the simple salsa bowl from the grocery store. Make of that what you will.

Other examples? I have a wire shelf in my bathroom. I can hang all my in-use razors through the shelve’s wires without any difficulty. If you have a soap puck and a flare-mouth mug, you have yourself soap container. With a handy handle. And possibly a logo or pithy comment like “Coffee makes me poop”.

Preshave? Noxzema will do it. Doing a light lather with your shave soap, rinsing, then doing your real lather will probably also do.

Aftershave? A little drug store Witch Hazel will do it. Shoot, a small splash of traditional Listerine will act admirably as an an astringent. The smell will surely bring the suitors from all quadrants.

Moisturizer? The drugstore equivalent to your favorite brand will do fine. For me, I’d say that if you can find the store brand copy of Aveeno, that stuff is the bee’s knees.

If you have a mishap – and you probably will – and get some irritation that won’t easily go away, a spot of hydrocortisone cream will help you out. If you’re going through life without some hydrocortisone cream around the house, you need to buckle down and rectify that situation, anyway. That stuff is gold.

So, then. Other than the specific tools of the trade for our odd little hobby, we really can find inexpensive, common items to round things out. Be on the lookout for these helpful objects as you go around doing whatever you typically do. Chances are, the items themselves have no idea of their true potential. This may be because they are inanimate, but you get the idea. Find the cheap and handy stuff, because that leaves more money for the items we’ll end up obsessively buying.


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