Shaving Soap Review: Cella

Posted: July 16, 2016 in Shaving Articles


Ease of Lathering: Very Good
Protection: Very Good
Residual Slickness: Good

Scent: Oh, the scent! It’s like shaving with a cherry cordial! A candied confection event is happening on your face. You are shaving with a cake topping. It’s wonderful bliss for the sweet tooth! Top notes are cherry, almond, and coconut. Everything has the element of sweetness and candy about it. Scent doesn’t hang around for long, and shouldn’t seriously clash with subsequently-applied aftershave or cologne. I’m told that, so long as you don’t actually ingest any (it doesn’t actually taste good, being soap!), there are no calories. No accounting for the munchies it might bring on, however.
Production/Value: For a fairly soft Italian soap, this stuff has excellent production capacity. Shaves don’t seriously deteriorate the amount of soap, as you think they might. A bit more expensive than Proraso or Arko, but easily worth the money spent. Nothing about this soap comes off as workman-like or just functional. It smells and feels like a high quality shaving product.
Notes: Lathering is a snap, and getting that dreamy, protective layer requires no rocket science. Any type of brush should be fine, and the choice whether to bowl or face lather should not be an issue. Whatever you pleas. For an easily-available, reasonably priced soap, this stuff is aces. I have no real gripes about it. Unless you don’t like the scent profile, or have issues with the ingredients list, this soap is another classic product that I’d highly recommend. Keep in mind that this is a tallow soap, so it does have animal-based ingredients. In my experience, modern soap makers can make wonderful vegan soap bases. They give little or nothing away to tallow soaps at this point. I don’t have an idealogical axe to grind either way, but some do, so that is why I mention it. Cella, being an old, old formulation, carries on with the formulation they have always had success with. In terms of quality, that seems like a perfectly reasonable choice. In any case, provided you’re not vegetarian or vegan, I think the soap is well worth a try. It could easily be my day-to-day soap, as the smell of it brings a smile every time.


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