Shaving Brush Review: RazoRock Plissoft Line

Posted: August 25, 2016 in Shaving Articles


Listen, folks. This was going to be an ongoing column where I’d deliver reviews of all the brushes I’d used. I have reviews written, but I’m scrapping the project until something can stand fiber-to-fiber with these Plissoft brushes. Nothing I’ve tried can even hold their shoes. Short version: get one. Right now, before they raise the prices. I’ll treat this review that I began writing upon first picking up the Italian Flag version as canonical and accurate for the other brushes, as they are uniformly awesome.

Razo-Rock Plissoft (Italian Flag Handle, “The Monster”, and “The Disruptor” all tested)

Does it grab up the soap?
With haste and fury. Yes. The Plissoft fiber, while soft on the tips, has plenty of backbone to grab a load of soap from a hard puck soap. Unless you have soap that is utterly fossilized, I don’t anticipate that you’ll have any difficulty getting soap into this brush.

How’s it lather?
The Plissoft brush lathers better than anything I’ve used with my stable of soaps. I’ve been able to whip up a great, creamy lather every single time out. Soaps, creams…face lather, bowl lather, shaving stick…no problem. I can get a superb lather every single time.

How’s it feel on the face?
Here is where the Razo-Rock brush really shines. With its clever mixture of good backbone but very soft tips, the face feel is luxurious and therapeutic. You just want to swirl your lather around longer than strictly necessary. I feel like they’ve made the synthetic fibers feel like an animal fiber bristle, at the same time retaining all the great benefits we’ve come to expect. I suppose that any brush that features this same fiber would likely perform the same way. Score one for technology.

Does it shed hairs?
I think that one or two hairs fell out, but this seemed to run its course after a few shaves. I imagine that this was probably reflective of a few fibers either being damaged in the production process, or not quite getting bonded into the handle. I don’t believe that it’s anything to be concerned with. So long as a brush doesn’t lose so much mass as to become sparse, I suspect it’s something that is the province of nit-picking. Keep in mind that the Plissoft fibers are very fine, and packed into the knot with great density. Thus, it has many more fibers than an equivalent synthetic from an older technology. A few hairs are not going to be missed.

What’s the break-in period?
None. How’s that? It’s performed the exact same way on every shave I’ve done, right from the first one. I swirled the soap onto my face for five seconds, stopped, and said, “this thing’s pretty rad,” to myself. I haven’t changed my opinion since.

Value for money?
This is, without putting too fine a point on it, the very best value for the money that can be found in wet shaving. THE BEST. The Plissoft line of brushes are uniformly excellent performers. Just decide what handle style and what size of knot you’re looking for, and buy one. Buy more than one. They’re that good. I thought my previous synthetic brushes were good before I got these. I have given them all away. Seriously. Insane value.

Further details:
You tend to have a benchmark for success in any product. A line, to which other, similar products are compared. Well, this brush moves the line. Things I thought were excellent before – well, they’re only just good now. Yes, it’s that much different.

This is a great brush. I think, if you’re used to badger brushes and want to go into a synthetic without sacrificing the sense of softness, this is the one for you. It has that face-pampering feeling, while still being stiff enough to grab up the soap easily.

Listen, I’ll get more brushes at some point. It’s part of the hobby, part of the obsession. Those brushes will have to leap over a fairly tall bar to outdo this one. Razo-Rock provides heretofore unknown levels of performance at this price point and with this technology. Hat tip, gents. Well done. I couldn’t imagine recommending any brush outside the Razo-Rock Plissoft line at this time. It’s that good.


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