Razor Blade Review: Ladas Super Stainless:

Posted: August 28, 2016 in Shaving Articles

1) Sharpness: Poor
2) Comfort: Poor 
3) Value: ?
4) Availability: Fair
5) Country of Origin: Russia
6) Passes “First Shave Test?: No
7) Longevity (# of shaves): Who knows?

8) Notes: I was beginning to think that Russian blades were all excellent. Virtually every blade sourced from Russia has been good, at the very least. More than a few of my favorites have come from there. Ladas, while not being being as well lauded as some, seemed to have its fans.

Well, don’t count me among them. I loaded a brand new Ladas blade into my Gillette Aristocrat, lathered up Cella soap, and gave it a go. Even on a single day’s beard growth after an exemplary shave, the Ladas provided no comfort, no easy glide through the wiskers.

The Aristocrat razor has proven to be a fairly tolerant razor, performing well with everything I’ve fed it, even blades with a lot of mileage on them. Over two passes, it struggled with the Ladas blade, chattering, dragging, and tugging. All the while, the hair was not coming off with any facility. After two uncomfortable and seemingly ineffectual passes, I removed the test blade and finished with a Personna Lab Blue. There was a lot of work to do on the last pass, such that it required a formal “pick up” pass. I almost never do pickups, for reference. This, from a face that only had the lightest of stubble on it. Unacceptable. This is the first time I’ve actually pulled a blade out in the midst of a shave.

Did I cut myself? No. Did I get undue irritation? No. I was cautious, and Cella is excellent soap. Still, my verdict is that, for me, the Ladas blade holds no allure whatsoever. Turns out, at least for me, the Russians aren’t altogether perfect. With so many great blades coming from there, the Ladas hardly deserves mention. Like all things, your mileage may vary. Not recommended.

  1. John says:

    Ladas works just fine for me. I used lucky tiger shaving cream. I very happy.

    • John, glad to hear that the Ladas blades worked for you. I think blade choice is a very personal thing. For me, they didn’t work at all, but since they still sell them, I can only imagine that they are a good choice for some people. Thanks, Patrick

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