Shaving on the Road

Posted: September 10, 2016 in Shaving Articles, Uncategorized

For the first time since my headfirst fall into the churning madness of wetshaving, I found myself preparing to take the gig on the road. I had the pleasure and awful self-reflection of a man trying to decide what I would carry with me on a trip across the country. Sure, I could go easy and elect to not shave on my vacation…okay, no. Cross that out. I certainly couldn’t do that.

Well, I could just take a cartridge razor, and make do. But no. I have divested myself of every vestige of those dark days. I would have to, gulp, purchase a multiblade razor. That’s right out. I have not lost all vestiges of my self respect at this time, so I’m not about crawl back to a cartridge razor and admit defeat.

So, then, I needed to pick gear. It had to be fairly light. It had to be easy to use on the road. It had to be good enough and safe enough to trust my face to it when I’d probably not be in the absolute perfect conditions.

What did I choose?

  1. 1967 Gillette Superspeed (anodized handle). One of my most gentle and friendly razors, it’s small, light, and won’t jump up and slit my jugular if I look at it cross-ways. It’s also feasible to replace it, if it were to get lost by some awful circumstance.
  2. RazoRock Plissoft “Bruce” Brush: My fanboy-ism for the Plissoft brush is well documented. They’re cheap, they’re awesome. The “Bruce” handle shape is very compact. All win.
  3. Arko (in shaving bowl): Arko works. It’s very high-yield, so a little goes a long way. It’s a very neutral scent that won’t raise merry hell with others using your area. I won’t cry myself to sleep if I lose it.
  4. Arko “Cool” shave bowl: A distant second in the Arko balm lineup to the Extra Sensitive, but it works fine and has very unassuming smell. Small tube. Cheap.
  5. RazoRock Alum Block: Both my deodorant and my wound sealer, as well as an astringent if I need it.
  6. Astra SP Blades: Because you need a sharp blade to get the most out of the Superspeed, and they’re smooth. And cheap. My philosophy is to not carry your most precious and irreplaceable gear on the road. Because that’s kind of daft. Says me.
  7. <Related Equipment> Original Listerine, for an astringent/aftershave/mouthwash/disinfectant/other thing…

How was the first shave?

Frikin’ rad is how it was.

With my mom looking on, because she was trying to grasp the purpose of all my endless, soul-destroying drivel, I launched into the shave. It went swimmingly. Reference closeness, no irritation, and my mom saying, “It’s like an art-form.” Everything you hope for when you’re little. Okay, maybe not quite that much. There were no swimsuit models or Lamborghini Countach supercars.

Would I have gotten a better shave with my more premium gear? I don’t know. There really wasn’t much room for improvement. And it was portable. Life is good. Bring on the open road and all its sub-optimal shaving locales.


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