Ye Olde Reality Check

Posted: September 17, 2016 in Shaving Articles, Uncategorized

I love the wet shaving game. The scents, the hardware, the ritual aspect…it’s all great. However, this last ten days on the road have proven that, when you come down to it, it doesn’t take high-zoot gear or super special stuff to get a great shave.

I’ve been using the Gillette 1967 Superspeed with Astra blades, Arko soap, and store brand Aqua Velva. It has provided completely comfortable, reliable, and excellent shaves. Pretty much baby’s butt smooth on the first shave of the blades, then somewhere between damn fine shave and BBS for the next two. No nicks, cuts, weepers, or irritation (collectively…for all the shaves combined. Never even any unusual sting when the aftershave goes on.) Great face feel all day, no issues to be found in the slightest. The Plissoft brush does all that you could hope, every time.

Not that the rig I have would work as well for everyone in all circumstances, but I’m certain that there’s an alternative that would work equally well, and for equally minimal cost. Every time. Like our granddads and dads may have done. One brush, one soap, one razor. No muss, no fuss. You like Old Spice? English Leather? Brut? What? Me, I’m an Aqua Velva man. It’s said that there’s something about us. Primarily, it’s that we smell like Aqua Velva sometimes.

What does it all mean? What’s the point of all the soaps, all the razors, all the GREAT SCIENCE? Fun. That’s it. It’s a hobby, and it’s fun to try things. That’s where all the additional energy goes, all the throwing of money at a problem that’s already solved. If I had to shave with the rig I’ve got, all the same gear, every day…I’d still enjoy myself, but it would get to be routine eventually. It would fall back into a simple activity, and only the little nubbin of artistry that is required to shave properly would remain. And for some, perhaps that is all they need. For the real shaving dorks, we need more.

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