The Great Use-Down

Posted: October 5, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Many hobbies draw us into an acquisitive cycle that is hard to break. You see products, get interested in them, lust after them, and end up purchasing them. The issue, of course, is if we keep buying more stuff, especially the “perishable” items in our hobby, we have a hard time ever using up the old stuff.

With shaving, I’ve accumulated a lot of razors, a lot of blades, a bunch of soaps, several brushes, etc. With a razor or a brush, it’s easy enough to clean them up and resell them if you find yourself coming up with an excess. Or, in my case, if it’s a decent unit, I’ll give it to a friend.

With soap, though, I don’t feel comfortable asking someone to accept a used jar. Maybe a tube of cream, but the soaps I’ve given away have been new. I don’t believe that it’s necessarily a sanitary issue – after all, it’s soap – but it’s kinda of yucky nonetheless.

On to the story of the day. Using up at least some of my stuff. While it takes a long, long time to get to the bottom of a tub of soap (much like wondering how many licks it takes to get to the end of a Tootsie Pop), it’s a more finite thing to use up the random blades we have hanging around.

Thus, I’m tackling my “bits and drabs” blades, at least the ones that I like. The ones I don’t…I’m not certain why I’m keeping them, but I can’t seem to just toss them in the trash. I suppose there’s some impetus in my mind to try them again in some far-flung day, hoping they’ve magically gotten better. Which is stupid. But I can’t seem to stop.

Some time ago, I purchased several five-packs of blades, as well as a few ten-packs. I’ve tested them all now, and most of the reviews are up on the site. That leaves me with two or three of this, three or four of that, hanging around, cluttering up the medicine cabinet.

In a fit of…good sense? I decided to clear these out, using one blade specifically until they were gone. I’ve used up all my Rapira Swedish Supersteel blades, the last of the initial pack of Polsilver Super Iridium (I bought a hundred more, because I’ve got a case of the vapors for those blades), and I’m almost done with the Voshkods.

It’s actually felt very productive to use up these remnants, and it’s also allowed me to revisit or retest my thoughts on the equipment. The fact that this makes me feel productive may be a great indicator of the depth of my neurosis. I’ll leave that to the pros to figure out.

Thus far, I’ve found that my prior opinion has held true, but I’ll certainly bring out a follow-up if I discover any of the blades or equipment turn out to be better, worse, or simply different than my first review states. I’ll also put in an addendum to any review I find has grown less accurate in the interim.

In the main, I’ll be shaving, and obsessing about shaving between bouts of shaving. Because I’m a weirdo.

In any case, let the great Use Down of 2016 continue.


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