Skin Sensitivity Issue – WSP “Starbucks”

Posted: October 27, 2016 in Shaving Articles

As I noted in an earlier review, I quite like the soap base that WSP, Wet Shaving Products, uses for their “Rustic” soaps. Which is good, because I bought all the different samples. On the earlier sample, the Fougere Noir, I had no problems whatsoever with allergy or sensitivity. It also performed very nicely and lasted well.

I selected “Starbucks” as my next one to try, and pushed it into my handmade bowl I found at a fruit stand in Maine. The strength of the soap base carried through. Easy to load, easy to lather, and good protection. I got a few comfortable shaves in before “IT” happened.

“IT” being a nasty little breakout of hives after an otherwise comfortable shave. Starbucks has a great smell. Think of cafe mocha at your favorite fancy coffee shop. Now make it into a soap and smear it on your face. Good stuff.

As I’m currently having stomach issues and can’t drink coffee, I was contenting myself with having the smell.

Evidently, there’s an ingredient in the scent profile that my skin doesn’t like. I rubbed some hydrocortisone cream onto my skin, and virtually all the irritation disappeared by morning. Still, I’ll have to call a halt to my experiments with this particular soap, as I don’t find it a useful proposition to keep breaking out into hives.

I hope your experience is different. I don’t hold this against the soap or the soap maker, as they can’t formulate every scent to deal with every face. No worries, I’ve got other soaps to use, and a bunch more WSP to try.

Happy Shaving, and may your shaves not break you out in hives.


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