Shaving Soap Review: Palmolive Shave Stick

Posted: November 9, 2016 in Shaving Articles

I’ll make this a short one. The Palmolive shave stick is a great soap. Everything good about the cream carries over into the shaving stick. Pleasant scent, great suds, slippery tallow finish. The main difference is that the shaving sticks are easier to come by and cheaper to get. Not that the cream is expensive, per se, but the sticks are really amazing value. Currently (summer 2016), I can find them for about $15…for a six pack.

Of course, a shaving stick is a good option for travel shavers, as it’s more compact than most shaving bowls or tubes of cream. It does need a brush, but that’s kind of a given with this type of product. I sometimes become concerned that the overwhelmingly positive reviews will erode your trust in me, but I can only call them like I see them. I don’t purchase products that are poorly rated, as a rule. I don’t want to have a bad experience shaving. It’s not fun. Thus, I pre-filter and typically don’t go too far out on a limb purchasing unknown products. This particular one is a classic, so I wasn’t on uncertain ground when I sent away for one.

The market is crowded with great products right now. Palmolive is one of them that has been around forever. It’s just as good as it ever has been. If you don’t want a “flashy” scent and need a great value product, this might be the thing for you. Keep in mind that, if you don’t like using it as a stick, you can cut a chunk off and smash it inside a bowl or mug and lather it in a more traditional manner. Any way you use it, it’s a damn fine soap, and has been a go-to for countless shavers. Try it, and you’ll find out why.


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