Shaving Soap Review: Italian Barber “Amici”

Posted: November 14, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering:
Very Easy. Uncannily easy. This soap loads onto the brush as well as any Italian Barber or RazoRock soap. If it takes more than thirty seconds to get a good load of soap, you need to look into the brush you’re using. It must be as floppy as a bunny’s ear. Seriously. Stop using your pet rabbit to assist in shaving. They don’t like that. I have rabbit-loving friends I can send to your house, should an intervention be necessary. Some are heavily armed (this is Utah, after all!)

Beautiful, protective lather. I found this soap to be just a little bit thirsty, but only just a hair over what you’d expect. Every soap has its sweet spot, it it was certainly not difficult to find it for this one.

Residual Slickness:
Really nice slickness here. Nothing to complain about. If you have any rational reason to think that your face is wet enough to run a razor over it again, you should be all right. Standard warnings apply. Don’t shave dry or without any soap unless you know what you’re doing and accept the consequences. Hands and feat inside the ride at all times, and you have to be at least 12 to ride the ride.

The scent of the Amici soap is not entirely unlike the XXX RazoRock scent. It isn’t as potent, or quite as intoxicating, but it’s a nice good scent. I would say that it will have a fairly good run with anyone who is okay with a citrus smell, along with a very mild musk undertone. Certainly smells like a deluxe quality soap, with no “chemical” smell present. There is a bit of hay smell as a base note, which gives it an interesting, vaguely mysterious element.

Let us not talk falsely now. This is probably the best deal in wet shaving. Yes. The. Best. I truly don’t know how Italian Barber gets the soap down to this price. It is a fantastic soft Italian soap, with good scent and tremendous performance. I have had to move the line for ultimate value. Amazing.

I specifically purchased this soap to include in “shave care packages” I am creating for friends who are intrigued at my weird fascination and consistent jackassery in regard to this hobby. I wanted to find a great soap that was inexpensive enough to give away without me feeling like it was “too much”.

This is it, folks. I can’t tell you if it’ll still be as good a deal if you’re reading this in the far future on glactahub.stupid.stuff, but it is a screaming deal at this point (2016, Summer/Fall). Really, the only concession to price I’ve been able to find is that the plastic container that it comes in is of a thinner and more pliable material. Not that it isn’t perfectly nice looking and functional. The cap closes perfectly, the label is pretty, it’s just the “bendy” nature of the plastic that gives it away. I’ll take it. If the original container breaks or seems insufficient, it would be a matter of a few moments and the use of a spoon to transfer it to another, sturdier bowl. Soft soaps of this sort are friendly in this regard.

I should mention here that, if you’re very sensitive to essential oils and have allergy issues in terms of your skin, this soap could, theoretically, give you some issues. I’ve had that reported to me by one of my friends. This, of course, is true of any skin product that has scents, oils…ingredients. Just FYI. Most of you will be fine.

Even if you’re a bucks-up hot shot, this soap is worth a try. If you repackaged it in a container that had some made up Italian name on it and said it cost thirty bucks a tub, I think that people would still find it worthy. When it goes for, at the time of my purchase, THREE DOLLARS…just buy it before Italian Barber comes to their senses, okay?


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