Shaving Soap Review: RazoRock “The Dead Sea”

Posted: November 18, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering: Super easy. Similar to some of the other RazorRock soaps, and to any soft Italian soap, this one takes a very minimum of time to load onto the brush and swirl into a useful lather. No issue hitting the water balance. No concerns here.

Protection: Really excellent protection here. This is a rich, dense, superb soap once lathered. I would rank it right up with the best I’ve used. It doesn’t need any help from a lather booster, pre-shave, or the like. If you are finding the quality of lather (provided that you’re giving it the proper try) that the Dead Sea provides, you are spoiled, my friend.

Residual Slickness: This soap has great residual slickness and face feel at the end of the shave. The richness and protective elements in the soap are clearly present and doing their thing. In an arid environment, as we find in the Mountain West of the U.S., leaving a bit of protection behind is an important concern. The Dead Sea soap addresses this concern with aplomb.

Scent: I find the scent of this soap to be wholly different than anything else I have in the stable. There’s certainly a bit of a “seaside” element to it, but it is a rich smell with a lot of other notes. It’s said that there is sandalwood and some other notes. I would say that it is a rich, but crisp and fresh smell. I wouldn’t say that it is terribly forward or in-your-face, but it is a sophisticated and intriguing scent. It shouldn’t interact destructively with whatever you want to use afterward, if that is a concern.

Production/Value: The Dead Sea is part of a more luxurious series of offerings from RazoRock. The first thing to notice is that the packaging is a big step up from their standard (but totally functional) plastic tubs. With a heavy glass jar and an aluminum lid, upgraded labels, and a larger amount of soap included, the twenty dollar (as of 2016, from price tag is not out of hand. You’re getting more than eight ounces of a premium soap in a nice package, so I believe that value is still very good. As good as a few of the absurdly inexpensive soaps out there? No, perhaps not, but you’re getting a great value nonetheless. With the packaging and additional product, you’re not getting ripped off. If you tend to fumble a lot, however, the glass jar could be a source of concern.

Notes: The Dead Sea soap contains some intriguing ingredients, including sea salt from the Dead Sea. I find the scent to be fascinating, and the quality of the soap is a step above even the really great offerings I’ve already tried from RazoRock. If you’re thinking about stepping up into the more expensive luxury soaps, this is a nice place to start. I believe that you’ll find it difficult to get a soap that performs much better at any cost. Hats off to RazoRock/Italian Barber for coming up with another great soap.


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