Shaving Soap Review: RazoRock “Santa Maria del Fiore – Firenze”

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering: Effortless. This very soft soap is nearly a cream as delivered. It has an almost tapioca pudding consistency (which is a little weird). Note, though. If you decide to use it like a cream, don’t try to be overly economical with the amount you dip out of the jar. The nature of the stuff means that it can get lost or thrown off of the brush, causing an uneven load. Still works best, in my experience, treating it like a soap. I would recommend dipping a small amount out and sticking it to the bottom of your lathering bowl. Its unusual consistency seems to need the brush to contact a considerable amount of the soap in order to get the ideal load (not that it actually uses that much. I would be concerned with water deteriorating the soap if you loaded it too often out of the jar.)

Protection: The face feel is amazing. Amazing, I tell you. Super cushion and glide. Luxury feel all the way. I have no reservations about this soap in regard to performance during the shave.

Residual Slickness: Again, this stuff, provided that you don’t underload your brush, is going to work great. Lots of slickness and the sense of being nourished after the shave. The rich ingredients featured here are evident both during and after the event. The feel of your face afterward, and the lingering hints of the scent, are pretty awesome.

Scent: The olfactory symphony that this soap gives off is just killer. To me, of course. This is a complex, masculine, cologne-style scent that has some tobacco elements to it. I would call it a dark, warm smell, I suppose. For whatever that’s worth. Scent being subjective, I can’t promise you’ll dig it, but I do. One hundred percent. The old schnoz gives SMdF top marks, all the way across the board. Right up there with the best smelling soaps I have ever experienced.

Production/Value: As with “The Dead Sea”, a soap I reviewed recently, SMdF has the thick glass jar and metal lid. Very nice. The “craft” labels look great…out of the box, in any case. The labels, in an effort to look old-timey, aren’t waterproof. It’s an…interesting decision. Even a small amount of water causes the labels to crinkle up. Oh. well. small issue, really. In terms of the soap, it’s a lot of great product for the money. Within the realm of luxury soaps, the retail price is at the entry level, but gives you excellent performance. You’d have to be utterly spoiled rotten to ding this soap on very many levels.

Notes: If there was anything that didn’t quite do it for me, it was the fact that I couldn’t really feel the menthol/camphor in the soap. I’m sure it was just too subtle for me to sense, but some people were talking about this soap being the “grown up” version of the Proraso Green. Beep. No, not the case. This is a great soap, and has a wonderful scent. It isn’t Proraso Green, or any other high-menthol and eucalyptus soap. Which is okay. Just don’t go into a purchase of the product thinking that it’ll occupy that niche. To me, this is more along the lines of Tabac. If you *wanted* to like Tabac, but it was too floral for your taste, this might be the very thing. Recommended in the strongest possible terms.


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