Shaving Soap Review: Abbatte y La Mantia “Laureato”

Posted: November 30, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering: Very easy, as would be the expectation, given the type of soap it is. The soap loads fast and lathers great. No problem here. Behaves a lot like “XXX” by RazoRock.

Protection: Great protection. Does everything you’d expect a premium soap to do. Creamy lather, great cushion.

Residual Slickness: Excellent. Nothing about the performance of this soap brings negative attention. It’s quite easy to take secondary passes across your face with little to no remaining soap lather. Rich ingredients and a well thought out formulation allow all manner of foolish behavior by the shaver.

Scent: Ah, here’s the…interesting part. My sense is that I’ve smelled this scent before, but I can’t think of where I encountered it. The scent wasn’t one I associated with shaving or the like. More like industrial cleaning. Not necessarily bad, but a little weird. I wouldn’t say that this is the soap that seduces me with its smell. In terms of what it smells like – I would say that it is primarily a sweet citrus smell, with another scent behind it that I can’t easily identify. They say that it is a laurel smell, and perhaps that is the note I can’t identify. It neither disgusts nor intrigues me. I’m neutral to it.

Production/Value: This is a really high quality soap that performs very well. It isn’t cheap. It’s four ounces at twenty bucks. Will that give you a ton of great shaves? Absolutely. However, it’s not what I would call a screaming deal. You’re not getting ripped off, but if maximum value is your aim, this may not be the soap for you. The dividing line, I believe, is the scent. If you’re head over heels for the laurel scent, you’ll be happy as can be. If you’re less than totally sold, you will find yourself with a great performing soap at a fair price, but nothing beyond that.

Notes: I wanted to try one of these soaps that has saffron oil as part of the formulation. I’m not at all disappointed with the performance of this soap. It is packaged well, formulated well, and works great. I’m not totally sold on the scent, but you might find it to be more alluring than I do, scent being subjective. If you choose to grab this soap, I don’t think you’ll be have made a mistake. I don’t see it as a must-buy, however, and don’t believe that it’ll become one of my go-to soaps. It’s a crowded field, and we can afford to be picky.

  1. I just came back to this soap again after touring through a whole lot of others. All I can say is that this soap is growing on me, and I found its lather to be absolutely killer when using a boar brush (test conditions were with a Plissoft). Also, the laurel scent is growing on me. I wasn’t that into it at first, but it is one that I’ve liked a bit better every time I use it. Cheers, Patrick

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