Shaving Soap Review: Taylor of Old Bond Street Peppermint Cream

Posted: December 29, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering: Easiest conceivable lather. Just like the previous TOBS cream, this one bursts into a thick and creamy lather without any effort. If you have functional external appendages, you can probably lather this cream.

Protection: Great. TOBS Peppermint produces a voluminous and cushion-y lather that should protect your face as well as anything. The lather “wants” to have a yogurt-like consistency, but will water down, if you prefer your shave that way.

Residual Slickness: Good. This is a glycerin based cream, and will allow your skin to remain as slick as it needs to be, provided you’re using any caution at all. It isn’t as buttery, perhaps, as a tallow-based lather or one featuring a lot of shea butter, but there are no reasonable nits to pick here. I should point out that, if you have a soap that is otherwise performing great for you, but isn’t as slick as you’d like, there are a few options at your disposal.

The first is to see if the soap will stand a bit more water. As long as the lather maintains its cohesion, extra water will make it slicker. The next is to put a few drops of vegetable glycerin into the soap or on your face as you begin shaving. You can also use a bit of pre-shave oil to create a base layer of slickness. You needn’t spend vast sums of money on a pre-shave oil. I’ve had good luck with plain old olive oil, and grapeseed oil is even better. Just remember to use it sparingly, whatever oil you use. You’re not lubing the chassis of an old Buick. At least, I don’t think you are. If your face is, in fact, the chassis of an old Buick (or Oldsmobile, for that matter), I beg your pardon. Carry on.

Scent: In its resting state, Pepermint can be a bit of an odd smell, at least to me. I think we’re used to having it tinged and softened by sugar or other mint smells. I was initially a bit unimpressed by the smell of this cream, but I found that, once it began to lather and got onto my face, the slightly strident smell of the peppermint faded, leaving me to enjoy my shave. I didn’t find that the scent lasted with any intensity. It shouldn’t interfere with whatever scent you want to follow up with. Mint smells tend to blend into the melange, regardless.

Production/Value: Taylor’s creams are not the cheapest, but they are really, really good. They do everything right, and they produce amazing handfuls of lather from a very small amount of product. No complaints here. If you are not patient, this is one of the best choices for you, as very little patience is required to get things going. If you find that you require assistance in falling off a log, perhaps a simpler form of shaving may be more appropriate.

Notes: Because there’s a good amount of peppermint essential oil in the mix, this cream has a nice cooling on the skin, especially in the successive passes. You can consider this to be a somewhat mentholated soap, in this respect. The face feel of this cream is really great. You finish with a cool, refreshed sensation. Highly recommended. For a shaver just getting into the game, an old salty dog, and everyone in between, the TOBS creams are fine products.


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