Shaving Soap Fail: GBS Ocean Driftwood

Posted: February 25, 2017 in Shaving Articles

Sometimes, you just have to give a product “the gong”. This is one of those times.

Here’s the story. I wanted to try the new Derby Premium razor blades. There was a deal for 25 of them, with a puck of soap thrown in. The soap was in a small box (no tin or cup). It was called GBS Ocean Driftwood.

I…will not dignify it will a full term review. Why? Because I gave it the short shrift. It did not survive long enough to even come to grips with the blade of my razor. Why? Read on, and I will tell you.

Scent: This is a nice, fresh scent. Not very strong. It smells like a lot of your average skin care products. Nothing to get angry about, but nothing in the scent department did much to win me over.

Lather: I attempted to get a good lather out of this soap, but it just wasn’t happening. After loading the wee out of it, the lather was still thin, filled with bubbles, and began to dissipate right away. I went back to the puck multiple times, fiddled with the water concentration, but it wasn’t happening. On the good side there was no sense of irritation from my face after minutes of attempting to get a decent lather going on.

End result: I washed off the GBS soap and went with Razorock Santa Maria del Fiore. It was the largest of possible differences, as the Razorock soap does just about everything right. Lathers fast, protects beautifully, and has an intoxicating scent that I can’t get enough of. Night and day difference.

After the shave was over, I went ahead and tossed the GBS into the trash. With all the great soaps I have to choose from, it simply wasn’t worth my time. Could I, after painstaking practice, get it to work adequately? Shrug. Maybe. Not interested. Too spoiled. If it was between this stuff and, say, Edge Gel (shiver), I’d make it work. Luckily, I don’t find myself in such dire straits.

I didn’t feel like it gave a good enough account of itself as a shave product to pass it along to anyone else. I don’t want to be the guy that ruins someone else’s shave with my hand-me-downs. This stuff just isn’t any good. Hey, sometimes, this happens. I’m just glad that the Derby blades it came with (spoiler alert) were actually good.

Cheers, and happy shaving.

P.S.: Don’t be afraid to pitch a bad product. Life’s to short to get bad shaves because your gear is underperforming.


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