Health, Weight, and Workout Update

Posted: March 28, 2017 in Workout Reports

It occurs to me that shaving articles, and recently mechanical keyboard blather, has totally taken over this site. The original purpose was to be a repository for information regarding my own fitness journey, as well as interesting alternate workout methods.

Well, I’ll dip my toe back into that today. Not that any of the other nonsense will slow down at all.


Over the last several months, I’ve lost a great deal of weight. Over 40 pounds. All together, I’m about about 80 pounds down from my highest weight. It feels good, and I would like to get down another 20 pounds or so. Right now, I’m well into a a weight range that I haven’t been down to since high school. My knees thank me. I’ve gone down multiple sizes in pants, and probably have at least on more drop before I’m fully settled in at a weight I would like to maintain.


I am doing okay, health-wise. My troublesome stomach has continued to give me some grief, but I have it more or less under control at this point. I just have to be very careful with stress management and diet. Same old stuff. These things happen as you get older. Your body operates properly in a narrower range of circumstances. Sigh.


Recently, I’ve found that highly dynamic or ballistic exercises tend to irritate my “problem” joints. Namely, my right elbow and my left shoulder. All the scar tissue in those joints requires care when I’m doing stuff. I believe that I can get them well enough conditioned to allow me to safely use the kettlebells and do caveman activities, but it will take some time, and care.

For now, it’s old home week, as I’m doing classic gym exercises with altogether common equipment. Bench Presses. Bent Rows. Military Press. Arm Curls. Stuff like that. I’m in a 4×6 program right now, as that set/rep has always worked great for my metabolism. I’m working out three days a week, and the muscle is starting to respond. I’m getting my arms and shoulders back. Things are going in a positive direction. I am doing slow, controlled reps, operating carefully at all times. The volume I’m doing is modest, as I have found that I don’t need hours of effort to get the desired effect. I believe that, in the past, I was usually overtraining by a lot. I’m not eating for that sort of load, anyway, as my calorie count is pretty modest on most days.

The part where I’m probably falling down is the amount of sleep I am getting. I tend to be a night owl, and I tend to try to do ALL THE THINGS. That leads me to get too little rest. Oh, well. You can’t do everything right. Okay, maybe YOU can, but I can’t.

That’s all for now.


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