Beginning to recongize myself

Posted: April 5, 2017 in Workout Reports

Another short workout/health journal.

I have been lifting weights pretty regularly for a few months now, specifically getting into a real rhythm for the last two. Prior to that, I hadn’t been altogether out of the game, but my exercise had been sporadic and not really going anywhere.

Because I have lost a lot of weight, the results of any muscle building activity are more likely to be visible than they were. That’s kind of nice, really. In the past, I often seemed to start at big and flabby and end up at massive and bulky.

This time around, I can really see the difference in my physique as my workout program starts to get to the functional level. Probably the biggest places where I notice a change are in my triceps and my shoulders. They have really “awakened” again, which is nice. I had never really been a fan of seeing myself in a mirror, with totally square shoulders. That’s not how I am built. I have beefy shoulders and muscular arms. That, in any case, has always been the case when I’ve been working out.

And lo, it’s beginning to be the case again. I have a long way to go. I am going to have to take it slow, because you can’t snap your fingers and be twenty-three again. Especially when you’re going to be turning forty-three in a day or two. That said, it’s good, positive progress, and I’m pleased to see it. Especially because it hasn’t come with any weight gain.

Ideally, I’d like to carry on working out and get back to a spot in strength that I haven’t been for several years. The last time I started to get legit strong for gym exercises was in about 2010. The caveman stuff kept me pretty brutish for a few years, but I fell out of shape there for a while. This time, I really want to make it stick. I’d like to get down another twenty pounds or so, while still keeping the muscle packing back on. I’m not as obsessed with strength or mass as I once was, but I still want to be strong and functional. For me, I’m never going to be the pretty face that draws all eyes to me. I get that. I can build a hell of a set of shoulders, though. So, play to your strengths, right?

Those are my thoughts for the day.

Cheers, and happy lifting.

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