Shaving Soap Review: Razorock “Mudder Focker”

Posted: July 23, 2017 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering: Super easy. As with all the Razorock soaps, this soap is very easy to load, and lathers without any difficulty. It is very easy to get spoiled by RR soaps, as they just do their thing without any drama. No voodoo, no fussing around. The book on this soap is that it is a thirsty formula, where you really have to be willing to keep putting water into the mix to get the perfect lather. My experience is that there is no special treatment needed. I lathered it the exact same way as I typically do, and the soap worked perfectly.

Protection: This soap is a tallow formulation, though coconut oil is still the primary element. This is the same as the other tallow formulations that RR offers. Not a primary tallow formula, but a great vegan formulation, with tallow added to give you a little bit extra. Their new “super tallow” formula features aloe and argan oil, but that’s not what’s going on with this particular soap. It appears to be their previous formulation, like you’d find on the XXX soap, for instance. There is, however, one big difference. This formula features a thing called Fuller’s Earth, which I gather to be a mineral or clay that is said to improve face feel and protection.

I’m not well enough versed in the making of soaps to evaluate this claim, but I can tell you that this is another great soap by RR and Italian Barber. It gives excellent protection, with very voluminous lather.

Residual Slickness: I believe that one of the advertised advantages of Fuller’s Earth is that it has great slickness and treats your face well. I can’t gainsay any of these claims, as I had no issues whatsoever with the slickness or post shave while testing this soap. Once again, RR’s soap game is tight. At least for me, with the water quality here in Salt Lake City, and with the way I lather up soaps. As with any of my tests, they may not agree with everyone’s experience.

Scent: I was not totally sure what to expect with the scent of this MFer. It is a nice, gentle cologne scent, with some citrus notes. Not a lot of floralcy. In general, I find it a scent that has enough potency that you are aware of it, but not so strong as to be objectionable, even if you are not tolerant of scents in general. I’m quite fond of the scent here. I am seriously considering getting the themed aftershave. No issues here. I would say that you could probably mix a variety of aftershave scents with the small amount of lingering scent that this soap would leave behind. My sense is that it would not interfere, as it is a gentle, somewhat complex scent that shouldn’t punch through what would likely be a much more powerful scent riding above it.

Production/Value: Once again, I have to simply recognize that Razorock/Italian Barber provides absolutely top notch value. At the price point, there are no qualms or concerns that I can raise about what you’re getting for the money. For a high quality soap that can provide wonderful shaves, this one goes for ten bucks American (2017). That’s a damn good deal. With the Razorock soaps, which are fairly soft, they do ablate when being loaded. That said, they still give a lot of shaves per ounce. Great stuff.

Notes: If you’re into the scent profile you see, there’s really no reason not to try a Razorock soap. They are not currently fielding a bad soap formula. If you like tallow, get it. Highly recommended. And no, I’m not being in any way encouraged, remunerated, or supported by Italian Barber. Every product you see here has always been paid for, unless a friend has lent or given it to me. (No Razorock soap has ever been reviewed here that hasn’t been personally purchased.) Make of that what you will.


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