Shaving Soap Review: Razorock “The Stallion”

Posted: August 20, 2017 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering: Easy. I have never had any issues lathering any of the soaps in this line. Whoever oversees these lines, it seems that one of their primary concerns is to make sure that the soaps create a lather. That’s just me making a theory. I have no idea. In any case, another good job by the RR guys here.

Protection: I find it interesting that Razorock produces so many different formulations of soap. They are all more similar than different, but there are subtle alterations to the formula that I don’t fully understand. In this case, The Stallion is a tallow version of their soap. It features aloe, but not argan oil, so it’s not exactly the “super tallow” formula that they have been putting in some of their most recent soaps. It is, I suppose, half way between the original tallow version, such as what you’d get in the classic XXX soap, and the newest version. All that put aside, this soap has very nice protection, producing an excellent lather that takes care of your face with plenty of cushion. No issues here to complain about.

Residual Slickness: With the tallow added to an already good soap, this stuff has a very nice slickness. I don’t believe that anyone taking part in standard shaving behaviors should have any problem. If you need more slickness than this, you may be pretty spoiled. Are there slicker soaps? Yes. At this price? Not that I am aware of.

Scent: Many shavers have indicated that this is one of their favorites in the RR stable. To be clear, this is a far more potent scent than the other Razorock soaps. It may be one of the most potently scented soaps I’ve used. What is the scent of Oud, after all? Well, going into the review, I didn’t know. I only knew that it had been considered to be quite something by some of those “in the know”. My feeling? I do like the woody, smokey smell, but it’s a little bit intense for me. I suppose I may have found my upper limit for scent comfort here. To give you an idea, the washcloth that I used to wipe off my face gave a blast of oud smell a few days later when I got it wet again. That might be more than I need, scent-wise. On the whole, the potency of the smell ended up being detrimental to my enjoyment of this product. Again, this will not be an issue if you, on the whole, tend to wish for greater scent power in your soaps. If you prefer a fairly mild scent, you’d be best served looking elsewhere.

Production/Value: As I’m almost getting tired of saying, Razorock/Italian Barber is awesome in terms of providing great value for the money. For ten bucks or less per tub, they’re killing it.

Notes: Because the scent is so intense, and the soap quality is, in essence, about the same as several other soaps that make up the same product line, I’m forced to come to grips with the fact that it will probably not be one of my high rotation soaps. Because I often shower after the shave, the scent power could be mitigated and not cause me any issues going forward, it could still be fine. That said, I’ve discovered that oud is probably not the note I appreciate most in my soaps. My qualms for this product, however, are limited to just the scent. Everything else is excellent.

Cheers, and Happy Shaving!

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