Safety Razor Review: Razorock “German 37” Razor Head

Posted: September 3, 2017 in Shaving Articles

I owned a Merkur 39c razor for some time. It was my first slant bar razor, and I always got good shaves with it. In my experience, it has some of the best first pass performance of any double edge design out there.

My issues with the 39c were really related to the handle. It has a barber pole twist knurling pattern, a chrome finish, and no real traction on the end of a heavy handle. They don’t call it the sledgehammer for nothing. Being a two piece razor, there wasn’t much that could be done about those quibbles.

I ended up selling the big Merkur to a friend some time ago, and he loves it. I did kinda miss the big lug, and looked at the RR dupe of the Merkur head design enough times that I had to finally make the purchase. (Had to, I tell you. It was a moral imperative to do so.)

To my eyes, the Razorock has the exact same blade torque, head angle, and bar pattern as the original Merkur. It’s just a three piece, so you can put whatever handle you like on there. Big bonus.

How does it shave?

Dead ringer for the Merkur, with the caveat that the mechanics of your handle of choice will have an impact on the shave. As slants go, it’s medium aggressive. If you go easy, you can daily shave with this design. If you’re reckless and wild, there will be blood and irritation. It’s capable of a very close shave, and good comfort, if used with a gentle hand.

This is a great razor head, and available for something like $12 right now. Highly recommended, if you are in the market for a slant that has a little bite to it. If you don’t already have a razor handle, Razorock sells several, both together or seperate from the head, as you require. I’ll review the handle that I chose in an upcoming article (probably tomorrow).

Cheers, and Happy Shaving!

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