Service Review: Razor Emporium Revamped Razors

Posted: September 17, 2017 in Shaving Articles

There are a few different services out there that will tune up and cosmetically improve old razors. If your preference is to have the razor brought back to original or “aspirational” conditions, Razor Emporium may be the service to look at. They will tune up and replate your razor, or sell you one from their own stock.

What Razor Emporium’s Revamp consists of:

1) The razors are cleaned, disassembled, and their old finish removed.

2) Once everything is down to “bare metal”, they electroplate the parts. Razor Emporium offers nickle, rhodium, 24 carat gold, and sometimes rose gold.

3) Finally, they assemble the razor and set all the tolerances to where they should be.

By the time Razor Emporium is done, the razor is as good as it can possibly be, considering that they are vintage models from the days of yore.

I ordered razors from RE’s stock, using the “Made to Order” methodology. I ordered a Fatboy, a Slim, and a Superspeed Red Tip. I had them plated with rhodium, gold, and nickel, respectively.

Short story: they’re all beautiful. Better plating than you would have seen from the factory, in all likelihood. They all shave great and look fantastic.

Downside? This service ain’t cheap. At all. You have to commit to it if you’re going to go this direction. You really have to be into vintage razors to go in this direction. If you’re willing to fork over the long green, you’ll find yourself the owner of some pretty amazing razors. Money no object? Highly recommended.

Cheers, and Happy Shaving!

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