Shaving Soap Review: Razorock “Don Marco”

Posted: September 29, 2017 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering: As with every other Razorock soap I’ve ever used, this soap springs into lather quickly. It can be loaded quickly, taking no more than twenty or thirty seconds to get a productive amount of soap. Perhaps even less than that, with a firm hand and a brush with some backbone. It does appear to be a little thirsty compared to many other soaps in the same line. More on that later.

Protection: After getting enough water into the soap, this is another voluminous lather, a feature that Razorock soaps typically evince. Once again, this is another alternative version of the RR soap base. They seem to have any number of slightly different formulas. In this case, it appears to start as a vegan formulation, then features argan oil, shea butter (which is a newer thing for RR) and lanolin (which sort of runs against the idea of a vegan soap). It’s an interesting formula, as most soaps that feature lanolin are a tallow base, in my study of these things. In any case, this is a good soap base, and has the face feel you might expect of a soap which features the ingredients listed above. The main difference you might notice, though, is that a little extra water is needed.

Residual Slickness: Very good slickness and face feel is on display here. Despite all the different variations of the soap formula you might find in the Razorock line, they are trustworthy, and all of them work well. (In my experience. I have heard of some shavers who do not get along with Razorock. Sometimes this takes the form of being sensitive to an ingredient, others having issues with lather or slickness. There is no single product that will suit everyone, and I can only give you my own experiences here.)

Your favorite will likely have as much to do with your preference for the scent. Most of the formulas perform well, right from the older, simpler formulas to the “Super Tallow” they recently unveiled. It’s just a matter of degree.

Scent: The Don Marco soap is a bergamot and neroli scent. I’m told that this is a scent that has a long history in the realm of Italian scents. Many have said that this combination smells like a one of those orange dreamsicles. That’s an apt enough description, but I don’t know if it does absolute justice to the scent.

Bergamot is a fresh, citrus smell. If you’ve smelled a freshly-brewed cup of Earl Grey tea, you’ve smelled it. The neroli element seems to add a sweetness, a mellow, vaguely vanilla flavor. The scent strength on Don Marco is present, but somewhat mild. If you would prefer a scent to not reach up and drive a punch up your nostrils, this one isn’t too potent. A fresh smell will suffuse the bathroom during the shave, but you’re not going to think to yourself, “Is this scent ever going away?” To me, I really like it. I didn’t have huge hopes for this soap, but it’s probably one of my favorites of the recent acquisitions from Razorock.

Production/Value: Razorock has made a name for themselves with the value of their products. This is no exception. This soap is less expensive than some of their “premium” normal soaps, such as the ones that have the “super tallow” formula. It could be said that this formulation is just as good as the RR tallow soaps that are more expensive. The inclusion of lanolin and shea butter is unusual in a soap of this price. No reservations about the value here.

Notes: Razorock knocked it out of the park when they created the scent profile for the Don Marco soap and aftershave. It’s truly a treat, at least for me. I like the fact that it isn’t so powerful as some of their other scents, and that it gradually fades away over the course of several hours. If you put this on before breakfast, it’ll still be hanging around a bit by lunch. By dinner, though, it will have basically faded down. That’s perfect for me. If you like a bright, fun scent with some sweetness, I would highly recommend the Don Marco.

Thanks, and Happy Shaving!

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