Quick Take: Razorock Son of Zeus

Posted: October 8, 2017 in Shaving Articles

RazoRock Son Of Zeus Artisan Shaving Soap-RazoRock-ItalianBarber

I know, I know. All these Razorock soaps? What the heck?

If asked to account for my actions, I can only say that, for my use, RR soaps work great, lather quickly, and have a ton of different interesting scents. All of them are priced well, and my interactions with Italian Barber have always been positive. Joe A. even sent me a letter, thanking me for repeat purchases. I like their style.

The Son of Zeus scent is based upon the cologne Terre d’Hermès, from what I understand. It is, to my nose, a wonderful scent. It has a component of orange, as well as some sweetness and spice. There are elements of “cologne” scent below that, but it isn’t pungent or overpowering. I’d call it reminiscent of the Colonia-style Italian scents. In the same ballpark as Aqua Di Parma Colonia. A little less intense than something like Creed Aventus. Masculine citrus, but not too musky or skunky.

To me, this is one of the best scents RR does. It’s up there with The Dead Sea, Emperor, Santa Maria Del Fiore, and XXX. The soap performed just as expected, and I had great shaves with it. The matching aftershave splash matches the scent well.

This stuff is great. Perhaps emblematic of how good it smells is that I was almost underwhelmed when I A/B tested it with XXX, which had always been my favorite in the RR lineup, in terms of scent.

The price versus performance quotient, as always with this brand, is killer. If you like the original scent, or a citrus-infused profile, this should be an easy win for you. As a side note, this stuff blends great with Lucky Tiger aftershave tonic.

Overall, one of my very favorites from RR (I know, I’ve said that a few times.) There are other makers using this scent profile, such as Fine’s L’Orange Noir, which are also excellent, and will be reviewed as time permits.

Cheers, and Happy Shaving!

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