Shaving Soap Review: L&L Grooming “After the Rain”

Posted: June 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Ease of Lathering: Easy. No problems to report here.

Protection: Very good. This is a rich lathering soap. It has tallow and lanolin in the mix, but doesn’t come with the difficulties and wild thirst that this sort of formula is sometimes plagued with.

Residual Slickness: Excellent. This is a slick soap. I don’t think it’s any slicker than other top soaps, but it has nothing at all to apologize for.

Scent: I’m not specifically for or against the scent. It’s a fresh, if somewhat dark melange. I can’t say that it would be one I’d go after with any great vigor, but it isn’t a turn-off.

Production/Value: Decent. L&L is another soap on the high side of the mid-price bracket. High quality ingredients and a fine performing soap. 4 ounces for a bit under $20. Seems like a fair market price.

Notes: I wouldn’t be opposed to purchasing more L&L soap. I’d probably pick a different scent, were I to do so. Trismegistus, perhaps. If you find that tallow and lanolin are your preferred soap ingredients, L&L should certainly be on your list.

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