Do You Even Still Lift, Bro?

Posted: March 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

Heh. Yeah. Great question.

Here’s the thing. Different things become important to you as the years go by. Cavemanning. Archery. Shave stuff. You’ve seen this stuff come and go here on the blog, and you’ve seen me lose all interest in the damn thing and not write anything for long stretches.

And you’ve seen me work out in fits and starts, get hurt, take breaks, bellyache about getting old, etc.

But in the last few months, I’ve made it a priority to really, actually get in shape. Not just a trifling effort. Not just “because it’s healthy.” Actually hitting the weight room with a purpose.

What’s the secret?

It’s having actual goals. I should have written those goals here months ago, but here they are.

  1. Deadlift 500, straight bar, raw, and slowly work myself up to 600, which would be a lifetime PR.
  2. Bench Press 365 in the near term, later hitting better than 420, which would again, be a lifetime PR.
  3. Here’s the vanity part. Have big damned arms and generally be prettier than before.
  4. And here’s the caveat: I want to do all this without gaining a lot of weight.

So those are the goals. I’ve spent the last few months starting to get into good enough shape to even begin pushing toward them. With creaky knees, beat-up shoulders and elbows, and limited levels of recovery due to being far from a spring chicken, it’s been bit of a trial. But, torn up joints and all, I’m really here for the long road this time. I’m seeing gains. I’m feeling better. And that’s enough reward for now.

  1. Christopher Potvin says:

    Awesome! I love how motivated you are by this journey!

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