Hey, Folks.

My name is Patrick M. Tracy.  I’ve been lifting weights for about 22 years, and it’s a lifelong passion for me.  I’ve tried powerlifting, bodybuilding routines, and strongman stuff along the way.  I’m an enthusiastic amateur, not trying to sell anything, but I have picked up some knowledge from all those years of sweat and blood.  I hope to convey this knowledge to anyone who happens by.

The primary thrust of this site will be to help people build inexpensive, fun, and effective exercise implements that they can use in the garage, basement, or back yard.  I hope this will also prove to be a forum for discussion about anything at all related to exercise or hoisting heavy stuff.  I plan to populate it with articles about strength, as well as a variety of my (possibly) crazy ideas and stunts.


Patrick (AKA Caveman Jim)

  1. John says:

    I had a few questions about the Samick Sage, could you send me an email?

  2. […] month, Caveman Jim of the Caveman Gym blog gifted the world with a four-part series, “A Writer’s Guide To Bows.”  I’ve read every […]

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Patrick, my name is Mark and I run bestrecurvebowguide dot com. I couldn’t find a “Contact” page so I decided to leave a comment here.

    I would like to start a section on my website that would include a few interviews with traditional archery hardcore enthusiasts from around the web. I really liked your website and the passion with which you write about the sport, and decided to get in touch.

    Would this be something that you’d be interested in? If so, just let me know and we can get started immediately (you can just use the e-mail address in this comment). I think it could be quite fun and informative for others.


  4. Jim Dooley says:

    I have all the Maggard razor heads, I have never seen a brass version of the V3 or the MR5 handle. Brad at Maggard said the same thing. Where did you get a brass version in your picture on the site.

    • Jim, the razor in question is the standard chrome plated zinc alloy head, with the stainless handle, just as they are sold from Maggard. It is possible that the quality of the light during the moment when I took the photo was such that it appeared that the razor was brass, but that is not the case. I believe that I correctly identified the materials used in production within the article, but I will look again and make sure that I did not misrepresent the facts. Thanks for chiming in.

      • Jim says:

        Thank you for clearing that up. You kicked my OCD into gear, now I need to get that brass razor………

        Even Brad at Maggard came up with that same answer.
        BTW Nice site Since you enjoy archery you might like the following :



      • Jim,

        Yep, sadly, I didn’t get any “special edition” versions of the heads. I’d certainly buy at least a few of them, should they be offered in brass one day. If you have an in with Brad M., that would be a great thought to put into his ear at some point.

        I’m glad that you like the site. I try to put a lot of content up, though it’s hard to draw a following for text reviews these days.

        I’ll check out that archery site you mentioned.



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