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How to Shoot an Arrow:

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Archery, Articles

By Patrick M. Tracy

For thousands of years, the ability to fashion and use a bow and arrow served as one of mankind’s most valuable skills. Whole civilizations were founded upon and preserved by their skill at archery. While our age of technological innovations has given us tools of far greater power and complexity, the allure of archery remains. Physics and geometry can explain the mechanics of an arrow’s flight, but they cannot do more than hint at the wonder of loosing an arrow and watching it fly to the target.

Many people have never held a bow or experienced the enjoyment (and sometimes tribulation) of trying to hit the bull’s eye. Outwardly, it is a very simple motion. One simply draws the bow back and releases, sending the arrow on its way. Beneath the surface, however, a lot is going on. Let me take you through the sequence of events.

1) Take your stance. In target archery, you generally stand perpendicular to the target, such that a line drawn from you to the target would go across the middle of your feet. If you raise the arm that will hold the bow and point your finger, you should be pointing at the target. Depending upon an archer’s body dimensions and flexibility, she may want to rotate her back foot slightly in order to “open” her stance, thus making it more comfortable to get her bow arm into position.


Here’s a little review of my new bow. I won’t blather on and on here, because I’ve already recorded myself doing just that, and the product is just below these words in the form of a video.


Bow Control Exercises

Posted: March 18, 2012 in Archery, Videos

Since I began shooting traditional bows, I’ve primarily been, in the parlance of the sport, a snap shooter. What this means is that I would draw back the bow, and the moment that I reached my full draw, I would shoot. Right away. No waiting. Now, I thought this was just the way one was supposed to shoot with traditional bows. In some circumstances, it is. It’s certainly one way to do it. That said, it’s not the only way.

If you’re after better, more reliable accuracy, you really need to control the way a shot happens better. You have to be able to let down if things don’t feel right. You have to hold at full draw and make sure you’re settled, especially for those longer shots, or the ones where pin point accuracy is important. Sadly, I felt like…I just wasn’t wired that way. I hit anchor (full draw), and the shot would happen. Like many men, I had a problem of going off before I wanted to. I tried holding on target and counting, but found that both frustrating and somewhat useless. I wondered if I’d ever get this issue under control.

Until I thought of something. The idea was this: If I acquired one target, then moved to another, then back, finally shooting, I would have fooled my brain into going along with the idea that I didn’t HAVE to shoot until I wanted to. I retrained my brain. At least, a little. The following videos will demonstrate the technique. (More below the break)


In all my days of working out, this exercise had always eluded me. Even at my best numbers on bench press, I couldn’t seem to pull one off. Well, no longer! I tried yesterday, and am able to do a one-handed push-up with either hand. Haven’t tried for two, but yes, cross that one off the list.

I’m pretty stoked, really.

The thing that I’ve found interesting is the way the movement stresses the body. You feel it in places you wouldn’t expect. Like your hip girdle and your off-arm quadriceps. Wild. It’s putting some crazy leverage patterns on your body.

Other interesting stuff:

Long-hold singles on dumbbell shoulder press with 90s.

Long-hold singles on renegade rows with 90’s.

Holding a 63# longbow at full draw, squatting down, and shooting an accurate shot on target.

Cheers to you all.

Omega Longbow Videos!

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Archery, Videos

I’ve been lucky enough to get a fantastic new longbow made for me. It’s called an Omega Longbow, and it’s built by Kegan McCabe. Here are the videos I’ve made about the bow thus far:



And Now, Let Us Shoot A Zombie!

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Archery, Videos


As some of you may know, I have been known to write stories that feature the shambling dead. Heck, I’ve actually written a few songs about ’em that have been set to music and sung (really!). Anyhow, when I saw that my local Sportsman’s Warehouse had zombie-themed targets, I couldn’t resist. I had to pick ’em up, bring ’em home, and shoot the stuffing out of ’em with my bow. I have no predicate to this tale, just thought you might enjoy it.



After getting a handle on the way the Samick Sage shot with its stock, dacron string, I felt that it was time to install the high performance string that I had purchased with it. The string is a Flemish twist, 18 strand Fast Flight Plus string from 3Rivers Archery. I purchased the 58″ length, and that has proven to be the proper length for the bow, although the manufacturer recommends the 59″. I found that he shorter string gave me plenty of room to twist the string up, but didn’t require such a large number of twists as a longer string would, in order to get the brace height where I wanted it to be. I tied on a nocking point with dental floss, as has been my recent habit, and off I went.

More below the break:


New Year’s Shoot

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Archery, Videos

My cousin Mike Tracy and I got a chance to shoot the afternoon away down in West Valley City yesterday. Yeah, good way to ring in the New Year, I think. We had a lot of fun. Here’s video.

I’d been considering getting an inexpensive takedown recurve for a while, a “knockaround bow” as I was fond of saying. It is difficult to go very far in any search for a bow of this sort before one begins to hear about the Samick Sage. It is a very inexpensive bow, but one that appears to “fight above it’s weight class”, to use a boxing phrase.

More below the break!