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I set out a few goals for the summer a while back. One of them related to holding my 24kg ‘bell in the clean “rack” position in bottoms-up for a full minute.

I just hit a full minute with my right hand. I did a kb clean off the floor and timed it out. It was getting hard by the time the second hand swept the last few degrees.

I tried it with the left hand after a one minute rest. I got about 41 seconds. I’ll have to work on it, but I think it’s within reach. The trick is to relax as much as you can with a big cannonball balanced ¬†upside down in your palm. It’s pretty neat, at least if you’re a strength stunt nerd.

As You Were…

In the coming weeks, I’ll be evaluating how near I came to reaching my goals that I’ve been working toward over the last six months. Some of them, like the trap bar deadlift, have been well documented. Others, not so much. I’ll have more info as I test myself and see what condition my condition is in. I suspect that some of them will be a ways off, and others will have sort of taken care of themselves, even if I haven’t really been training them that much in specific.


In any objective arena, there are “best” things. Though the winds of change generally don’t let the “best” remain the same for long, if you’re lucky enough to have access to any of these, it’s pretty darned neat. When it comes to the compound bow that is the most efficient at transmitting the strength of your draw to the arrow, I have had a chance to use the best.


Hey, folks,

Here’s a video of my “road so far” with my kettlebell. Hope you like it.

Happy Lifting!

I’ve been participating in a local Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention over the weekend, and we’ve also had to work around some extra trips to the doctor’s office in the last few days. Nothing earth-shattering, but enough to shake things up just a bit. Thus, I ended up missing a few of my normal workouts. That said, I feel pretty charged up at this moment, and I’m sure that I’ve lost no ground as a result of the minor layoff. Well, it’s possible that I’m fatter, but I suppose that was not an altogether unforseen circumstance. More below the fold.


As you may remember, I have been giving my friend and co-worker, Paul, some help with a few lifts to make him more macho. Specifically, the deadlift. He wanted me to watch him do his lifts and make any suggestions that seemed necessary. We met in the work gym during our lunch hour to do that very thing.

I had been wanting to bring some chalk in anyway, and this proved to be a good time to do it. Thus armed, Paul deadlifted and I did some work with my k-bell. More below the fold.


I’m a strange person. That should be fairly obvious to anyone who has been reading along up until now. Keeping this in mind, you probably won’t be surprised that my first “favorite” k-bell exercise is not among the standard repertoire of moves. At first, everything feels odd with a k-bell. The balance is different, the aim is different, it’s all new and strange. That said, the first exercise that I’ve actually felt slip into a “groove” is the bottoms up clean. More below the fold.


Anyone with half a brain works on the fundamentals first. Clearly, that’s what you do. I just got a kettlebell, and I’m in the most formative stages of learning about how to do the moves. That said, I went ahead and started doing an advanced move, because I’m a natural-born knucklehead, and I can’t help myself.


Hey, Cave Folk. Hope you’re well, and your locale has provided you with some actual sunny days as Spring progresses. As I alluded to in the recap of Saturday’s fun and games, I jumped in and did squats with relatively considerable weight. Yeah, your caveman here’s been walking like a stiff-leg gunslinger ever since.

Seems there are some angles in which the squat is more effective at hitting the quadriceps muscle than anything I’ve been doing. It’s cool. The fact that it had a serious impact means that it worked, and needs to be part of the heavy rotation. I figured, however, that I’d better limber up a little if I’m to pull with a purpose tomorrow. Besides, I had yet to really play with my big 90 lb Iron Grip dumbbells. (If you haven’t seen ’em, look for a prior post called “New Toys.”)



My friend Josh runs a highly respected site called The World’s Strongest Librarian. If you’ve read any of my stuff, you’ll find that he’s been a major influence on me, and gotten me started on a lot of my strongman behavior. He was kind enough to invite me to write guest posts for his site, and the first of those has just been featured. Please click the link below to read it.

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