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Welcome, Cave Folk!

My name is Patrick M. Tracy, but for the purposes of this site, you may call me Caveman Jim.  I am here to be your traveling companion through the misty realms of primeval strength training.  Accompany me on this journey, and we will unearth the hidden secrets of growing strong and mighty.  We will not need gym memberships, for we will create our own, using common materials that can be found around the house or purchased at a home improvement store.

We will hoist sandbags, swing buckets, toss cinderblocks, and perform other feats of power.  We will take control of our own fitness, breaking away from the tired routines they pedal in the glossy pages of the magazines.  We will return to the roots of strength, training for functional benefits and broadly-applicable power.  Above all, we’ll have a great time and spend very little money.  We’ll do things that even our iron-pumping friends will raise an eyebrow at.  We’ll be cavemen (or cave-women, as the case may be!)