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After getting a handle on the way the Samick Sage shot with its stock, dacron string, I felt that it was time to install the high performance string that I had purchased with it. The string is a Flemish twist, 18 strand Fast Flight Plus string from 3Rivers Archery. I purchased the 58″ length, and that has proven to be the proper length for the bow, although the manufacturer recommends the 59″. I found that he shorter string gave me plenty of room to twist the string up, but didn’t require such a large number of twists as a longer string would, in order to get the brace height where I wanted it to be. I tied on a nocking point with dental floss, as has been my recent habit, and off I went.

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New Year’s Shoot

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Archery, Videos

My cousin Mike Tracy and I got a chance to shoot the afternoon away down in West Valley City yesterday. Yeah, good way to ring in the New Year, I think. We had a lot of fun. Here’s video.

I’d been considering getting an inexpensive takedown recurve for a while, a “knockaround bow” as I was fond of saying. It is difficult to go very far in any search for a bow of this sort before one begins to hear about the Samick Sage. It is a very inexpensive bow, but one that appears to “fight above it’s weight class”, to use a boxing phrase.

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Diamond Outlaw Video

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Archery, Videos

Hey, Folks.

I bought a new compound bow a short time before I had my Gall Bladder out, and now I’m back in good enough shape to shoot it again. Here’s some video of that pass time. Hope you enjoy it.

(By the way, Thursday is when I’m cleared to start exercising again, so I’m looking forward to it with more anticipation than you can imagine. I mean, I’m DREAMING about lifting at night!)

Okay, here’s the video:

Building the Black Bow For Bob!

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Archery, Videos

I was feeling well enough this weekend to get back to my bow building antics. My cousin Bob was in town, and asked if I could build him a PVC longbow. I said that I could. The first video is a collection of stills taken as we were building and tuning the bow, and the second one is video taken after the bow was painted and finished. Enjoy!


The foolish stunts abound here at the Caveman Gym. Here’s one of them:

Rip It!

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Strength Stunts, Videos

Of late, I’ve been sharing some videos of my archery pursuits. I “discovered” archery last summer when I was given a bow as a gift. I loved it. I became more and more into it as the days went by. I branched out from my first bow, a compound, into traditional bows. I ended up purchasing a cheap little plastic recurve and having more fun that you should be allowed to have under the law. I got a wooden recurve. I got a longbow. I bought tons of arrows. I used many of them until they broke (it was never my fault…).

I looked at videos and articles online about building your own bows. There are many designs, and with tools, patience, and time, one can make a beautiful bow out of a stick of wood. I was into it…except for the tools, patience and time part. I shied away from the time commitment to make a real wooden bow. That, and the possibility (as with anything made with natural materials) that it would just break on me right away. That’d be a bummer. I’m not in it for the bummers.

I want to have fun.

Overall, I want to make it and shoot it.


I was lurching across the ‘Net the other day, and found that there was a magical material that would fit my needs. Enter the PVC bow. (more below the fold)


Gone Shootin’ Again: PVC Bows

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Archery, Videos

Of late, I’ve been making my own bows with PVC plumbing pipe. It’s great fun. Here are a few videos of the action: