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New best for pushups

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Workout Reports

I was able to do 70 consecutive pushups on Thursday afternoon. I probably had five more in me. I didn’t plan to make a go at the record, I was just trying to get my back to stop bothering me. Still, when you hit the 40’s and you’re showing no signs of bogging down, you have to see how far you get. I’d like to get 75 in the next month or so. I think 80 is do-able now, on the right day. The idea of shooting for 100 seems less absurd than it did a few months ago.

Mini Workout

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Workout Reports

3 x 12 dumbbell rows with the 90s. That’ll raise your heart rate for a few minutes.

A little kettlebell work

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Workout Reports

I did some long-hold bottoms up cleans and snatches today with the kettlebell. Felt good about the grip and the hold. I then did some carousel turns with the k-bell, which went smoothly, and did not result in a cannonball-shaped hole in any nearby wall.

Fun stuff.

As you were.

In all my days of working out, this exercise had always eluded me. Even at my best numbers on bench press, I couldn’t seem to pull one off. Well, no longer! I tried yesterday, and am able to do a one-handed push-up with either hand. Haven’t tried for two, but yes, cross that one off the list.

I’m pretty stoked, really.

The thing that I’ve found interesting is the way the movement stresses the body. You feel it in places you wouldn’t expect. Like your hip girdle and your off-arm quadriceps. Wild. It’s putting some crazy leverage patterns on your body.

Other interesting stuff:

Long-hold singles on dumbbell shoulder press with 90s.

Long-hold singles on renegade rows with 90’s.

Holding a 63# longbow at full draw, squatting down, and shooting an accurate shot on target.

Cheers to you all.

Push-ups Report

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Workout Reports

I got 65 consecutive push-ups fairly easily last night. Last known body weight was 284. I think getting 70 in a row is do-able under favorable conditions. I have some vague ambition to try and hit 100 consecutive, though I don’t know if that’ll grow into something or not. It would be sweet to say I hit the century mark at 280+. I don’t suppose that’s common.

Yeah, that’s all I have for you today.

250 consecutive crunches

500 pushups within the span of a football game

Ripping phonebooks and apples like a G6.


That is all for now.

Signs of Life

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Workout Reports

I’ve been able to do some fitness-like activities lately. Instances:

  • I did 150 crunches without stopping.
  • I did 125 pushups last night, for fun. (I did stop a few times.)
  • I’ve been doing 50-100 crunches most every night, like I did before I got my gizzard removed.
  • I’ve been doing pushup most every night, just to get my body thinking about this sort of thing again.

It’s good. It’s a start. More to come.

You’ll all be glad to know that I have found the fitness room at the Peppermill resort. I gave it a quick once-over, just to get the lingering feeling that I’d ridden in a car all day out of my system. I did chest, back, shoulders, and arms, all on their machines. I did sets of ten, working upward toward a challenging weight, where it was available. The chest machine didn’t quite have enough stack to get me all the way there, but it was fine. I wasn’t looking for a massive workout, just a bit of heaving to get me into my happy place for the evening.


Yes, there was cavemannery afoot. I warmed up with the slam bag, then did bag lifts with the Blue Meanie for a good long time. I don’t know how many reps I got, but it was a goodly sum. I finished with block pushups for ten sets of ten. It was a good workout. It lasted all the way through Dark Tranquility’s “Character” and the first few songs of DT’s “Damage Done.” And yes, the damage was done indeed.

Happy Lifting!


Update: I neglected to mention the nature of the equipment, assuming that everyone would know what I was talking about. Here’s a glossary of terms:

Blue Meanie: An Ironmind “Large” sandbag with 150 lbs of play sand inside of it. See the Sandbag videos for a look at it. Don’t think 150 pounds sounds like much? Try lifting this guy. It’s not joking around.

Slam Bag: This is an implement that is much like a sandbag, but filled with lighter, more elastic material, so that you can slam it, throw it, and otherwise channel all your pent-up aggression into it. Mine’s made of two polypro filler bags from Ironmind (yellow) filled with recycled rubber mulch, then put into a laundry bag.

Block pushups: By using cinderblocks, you can save your wrists, try a variety of angles, and increase your range of motion for a pushup. There’s a video. For this instance, I canted the ‘blocks to give me about 50% neutral supination, and the blocks were a few inches wider than shoulder width apart.


So I felt like poo yesterday. Didn’t workout, because I was having one of those days where you seem to visit the restroom a few times too often. Yeah, too much info. Sorry.

Anyhow, I worked out at lunch in the work gym. There, they have a rather odd device that is pseudo-squatlike in nature. It’s a Paramount Equipment machine, and you can see it in the background if you look at my kettlebell video. It being squat day, it was my best available option. I tried it. More below the fold.