Strength Links

Ironmind: This is a site devoted to serious strength pursuits, including grip, bending, and heavy lifting.  It also features great articles and how-to features by guys like John Brookfield.  You can buy all manner of evil gadgets from these folks.  I’ve had great experiences ordering things from here, getting them quick and finding the merch to be of high quality.

World’s Strongest Librarian: My buddy and co-worker, Josh Hanagarne, has got all sorts of stuff to say about strength, health, literature, and battling against Tourette’s Syndrome.  Check it out.

Strength Rules: Another one by Josh Hanagarne, here’s a cool blog featuring videos of people doing sick strength feats.

Straight to the Bar: Chock-full of articles about all manner of strength pursuits, this is a serious resource.

Stronglifts: Here’s a simple, straightforward approach to barbell training that uses proven methods to pack on muscle and get strong.  This one’s more than a little similar to the “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” program I used when I was in High School.

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