Shaving Soap Review: RazoRock Essential Oil of Lime

Posted: November 1, 2016 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering:
Super easy. Like other high quality soft soaps, this soap is picked up by the brush with ease, and whips into a flawless lather. It doesn’t take any mad science here.

RazoRock knows how to make soap. The lather produced by this soap is thick, rich, and luxurious. It creates plenty of cushion for you to shave, even with an aggressive razor. Lather is typified by a yogurt consistency, with a reassuringly thick, rich character. Unless you get way too much water mixed in, the soap does not become thin, and the lather doesn’t dissipate during the passes.

Residual Slickness:
The difference in slickness between this, a vegan soap, and RazoRock’s “XXX” soap, which is a tallow based soap, is negligible. Both have excellent glide characteristics under the razor. No disappointments here, nothing given away or compromised. The soap base they’re using is totally sorted out. Are there a few slicker soaps out there? Sure. Are there a few that feature slightly more nourishing post-shave feel? Yes. These soaps are more expensive on pretty much every metric. That, or they have some idiosyncrasy that must be accounted for.

This soap smells like lime sherbet (or gelato, as it’s an Italian soap). It’s not a very nuanced scent. Pretty much just sweet lime. Provided that you like that, we’re all good. I don’t find that it lingers that long in the room, so you won’t be plagued by phantom citrus wafting around forever. I have some lemon and lime products that I typically pair this soap with. Namely, the RazoRock “Mister Joe” preshave and the Thayer’s Lemon Witch Hazel. That’s not necessary, but that’s how I do it.

In terms of artisan quality soaps, RazoRock is difficult to beat in regards to price. They are well packaged in a screw-top plastic container, nicely labeled, and provide a great soap at a value price. Though they are a soft soap, making them easy to lather, they still require very little product to perform a good shave. One container would last for months of daily shaving. Considering that some of the Italian Barber/RazoRock soaps are as little as four dollars, and few of them exceed ten, they are a screaming deal. Provided that the soap base(s) are well tolerated by your skin, and you can find a scent that suits your fancy, I can’t imagine you’d be too disappointed. I know, I sometimes seem to be a shill for Italian Barber, but man, they make some good stuff. I’m not saying they’re the very best of the best at everything, but they give a really good product at a reasonable price.

RazoRock’s soap game is tight. They are offering artisan quality products at a price point that equals or betters a lot of mass produced soaps. Failing to try at least one of their soaps would be a mistake. If you like citrus, the Essential Oil of Lime might be a good place to start. If that isn’t your bag, they have a ton of other scents on offer. Highly recommended.


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