Shaving Soap Review: Razorock “Emperor”

Posted: June 13, 2017 in Shaving Articles

Ease of Lathering: Very easy. As with most Razorock soaps, the loading and lathering is essentially effortless with this formulation. My methodology is to swirl in one direction, then the other, then sometimes back and forth. It takes no time to get all the soap into the brush that you could want (less than thirty seconds). Lathering on the face, I follow my normal behavior, adding the requisite amount of water as I engage the brush on the stubble. The Emperor soap swirled up into an ideal lather about as easy as anything I’ve ever used.

Protection: I had not used the new “super tallow” formulation that Razorock employs on some of its soap up until now. I’d always been quite happy with the performance of the soap bases they’d been using, but I was interested to see if they could improve upon it. I am happy to report that the new formulation, which includes tallow, argan oil, and aloe vera, is a step up. At this point, it would be very difficult to find fault with the performance of this soap, in regard to protection. The lather is both voluminous and protective, with lots of cushion on the face. There is a substantial element to this new formula that didn’t seem to be present in the earlier soaps, when lathered. I am taking nothing away from their earlier formulas, because they have always worked fine for me, but this new stuff is really great.

Residual Slickness: Here is another area where the new formulation seems to exceed the earlier ones. This is slick soap, with more than enough residual on the skin to let you do auxiliary passes without re-lathering, which is part of my normal procedure with most razors. Your face is left feeling well taken care of. I’m not going to say that you won’t need a balm, moisturizer, or after shave, because these things are all variable and can’t be forecast. My feeling about post shave measures is that you have to adapt to the climate and the needs of your skin. What I can say about this new super tallow formula is that it shouldn’t act as a drying agent, any more than another good soap on the market.

Scent: Emperor has a scent profile based upon the popular Creed Aventus cologne. Pineapple, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Smoke and Leather is the list of notes they provide for this scent. It is a complex scent, with a very masculine characteristic. I would not say that this is an “old time” scent, or anything to do with a barbershop scent, to me. The scent strength for this one is somewhat more potent than most Razorock scents, many of which are fairly gentle. I would say that Emperor is of similar scent strength to Santa Maria del Fiore, for instance. Some of the soap scent will likely linger beyond the shave. I would say that the smoke and leather are the most lingering of the notes here, but they are never altogether alone in the mix. I find the scent to be one of my favorites in the Razorock lineup. It that power, success, influence sort of vibe for me. As always, your mileage may vary. I have not smelled Creed Aventus directly, so I can’t tell you how close the match is.

Production/Value: For the cost of this soap, what you get is a really amazing deal. For ten bucks American (Winter/Spring 2017), you get a great tallow formulation, very well done cologne-like scent, and perfectly serviceable packaging (with one of Razorock’s neat new labels). I can’t think of any soap in the price range that can be said to deliver more than this one. Another big win for Italian Barber here.

Notes: I may come off as rather a fanboy for Razorock soaps. I have, to the best of my ability, tried to approach each of the tests I do with an open mind. I know that I often joke about doing science in these reviews. Rest assured, I am aware that there is little actual science being done here. The vast bulk of my experiences and assertions are subjective. With all that said, I still stand by these reviews as being even handed. I’ve used many of the well-considered soaps out there, and I feel that I have a good enough experience with a cross-section of products to give a useful opinion. That is, of course, what these reviews are: opinions. There are a great many good or great products to be had today. More than any other time in wet shaving, from all I can gather. With all the excellent options out there, Razorock very much deserves your attention. Recommended. If you are a fan of the scent they are emulating here, it’s probably a must-try.

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