Yes, it’s another new bow (Jeesh!)

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Archery, Videos

Here’s a little review of my new bow. I won’t blather on and on here, because I’ve already recorded myself doing just that, and the product is just below these words in the form of a video.


  1. Bobby-T says:

    That is a very sinuous looking bow. What is that, six trad bows not counting the Snake? Do you have a definitive favorite? Do you ever shoot your compound bows any more?

  2. Bobby,

    Let’s count ’em:
    PSE Blackhawk
    PSE Sequoia
    Damon Howatt Super Diablo
    Samick Sage
    Omega Longbow
    Bear Super Kodiak GG

    …yep, six. I’m bad at favorites. I use the Sage for days when I’m working on form or don’t want to draw as much weight. The SuperD is just a bow that makes me smile every time. My prettiest bow, I think. The Omega, “Czernobog”, is beast, great for those days when I need “more power!” The new Bear is my second most powerful bow, but it’s also very stable and friendly. The two PSE bows, while they’re both tuned up and shooting better than ever, are probably at the bottom of the rotation.

    I haven’t shot my compounds since Fall. I have no negative feelings toward them, I just seem to be more of a traditional bow guy. So that’s the news at this hour.

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