Razor Blade Review, Super-Max Super Stainless Blue

Posted: December 20, 2015 in Shaving Articles, Uncategorized

Super-Max Super Stainless Blue

1) Sharpness: Fair
2) Comfort: Fair
3) Value: Good
4) Availability: Good
5) Country of Origin: India
6) Passes “First Shave Test?: Yes
7) Longevity (# of shaves): 2 (Shortened test)
8) Notes: The first test shave revealed these blades to be somewhat inferior to the smoothness of their Platinum counterparts, and perhaps a bit less sharp. Still, the shave came off all right, and I was not left with bleeding or excess irritation. Just…a mild sense that the blades were not that great. The second shave, a maintenance, two pass shave, left me far from enthusiastic, with more irritation than I am used to experiencing. I decided that I had learned all I needed to about these blades. What I’ve learned is that they are perhaps acceptable if they are all you can readily find, but they fall behind most of the other blades I’ve tested in terms of comfort, while not being overly sharp. Not highly recommended.

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